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Hi All,
I arrived from Ireland looking for work, what is the best avenue to find employment in Dubai, I have been here for almost 3 weeks and tried most of the avenue LinkedIn, mails applying online on company website but not getting much response.
I tried so far Indeed, Gulf Talent and Bayt.
Kind of distress at this stage...Maybe I am doing something wrong...

Can anyone give their views on the above?

Hi Eire,

Welcome to :)

Probably these articles might help you : … _work.html


Priscilla  :cheers:

Thanks Priscilla

How's it going Guest?

Am in process of applying from U.K. But considered your approach if I'm unsuccessful.

Some say it may be easier as there's not so many overseas recruitment opps anymore?

Did you book to stay in a hotel for the duration of your job search?

Just looking advice👍


Hi Priscilla, thanks. I would like to move to EUA. Any advice you could give me on how to obtain a work permit and visa?

hi dear same situation is my 4 week not getting any job or respond

Hi! Im two months here in dubai and still not getting any job.I tried my best sending my cvs to any hiring company but no answers.can someone help me how? I am a license Radiologic technologist and also a graduate of Business Administration.i just need help.

Send your mobile number

Send your mobile number

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ElenaDub :

Hi there,
I am from Romania and I will be in Dubai from April, quite soon :)
These comments with you guys not finding jobs for over a month discourage me a bit. Is it really so difficult to find employment as an European with experience? I am specialized in PR/Communications, Events, would you know any opportunities in these areas?
Thank you.

Well i did be honest with is hard for almost everyone from all walks of life. Dubai is the center of attraction for many and having to work and live there is a bonus, so that being the case, there are a lot of individuals already here looking for jobs thereby making the competition tight and a bit overwhelming.

However that being said, getting a job in Dubai entirely depends on various factors and these factors do change with different individuals. You being a lady from Europe with an experience in your field might just not be too difficult in landing a job. Ladies tend to get a big consideration in Dubai LOL. There are a lot of other European ladies here though so it might also be based on how much salary you are welling to take.

In all, yes it will be difficult in finding a work, but you have already done the most important part in securing a job, and that is coming over to Dubai. Employees tend to consider candidates already in country to candidates not in the country. So do come and do the normal applying online and walking in to offices and making various links.

Good luck.

👋 hi , thanks for your question and answering  what about Iranian people? Is it possible for Iranian people to find joba fter coming to Dubai?

Spotlightbhrtn :

👋 hi , thanks for your question and answering  what about Iranian people? Is it possible for Iranian people to find joba fter coming to Dubai?

Yes, it is possible for an Iranian to get a job in Dubai. I had Iranian friends back in Dubai who are all working. If you can get in to the country then your chances of getting a job are high. There might be a bit of tension with your government and Dubai's but you being an individual who is in Dubai simply looking for a job, there is no problem, just be ready for a bit disappointments here and there and a tight competition. 

Best wishes.

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