Primary education educator from Singapore looking a job in Alex.

Does anyone of you have contact of any teaching job vacancies which need Primary Ed teachers from Singapore? I have more than ten years of primary teaching experience in Singapore. I saw a few teaching ads but most require teachers from the UK specifically as they prefer the applicants to have teaching experience in British schools. It is unfortunate that my application was rejected for this sole reason. The irony is that I am educated in Singapore based on British curriculum too and Singapore tops the global education rankings in English, Math and Science. I believe that Singaporean teachers like me have what it takes to teach in international schools as the results by Pisa tests clearly indicated that we are able to facilitate learning and produce independent and creative thinkers who snatched last year's first position in the global education rankings. Hence, my appeal to all of you, members of this site, if you know of any school which offers teaching positions to Singaporean teachers like me, do drop me a reply. I can send my CV later. Alternatively, any suggested job positions related to education will be greatly appreciated. I am proficient in English Language and Bahasa. Many thanks. :)

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Hi Sarah , try to search in google Egypt for international , British or American school in Alex and send your CV directly for them, your experience is very good and you will find job opportunity soon.

hi Sarah i found that link try this on Facebook. .Teaching position in Egypt for expats.

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