I m visiting alberta

I d like to meet people.

Hi Sunsea,

Welcome on board  :)

You should probably share a few words about yourself and your project so that members get to know you and interact with you.

Will you be there for long ?


Dear Bhavna,
Thanks for the piece of advice. I just arrived a week ago and dont know nothing yet . I m volunteering here in thr north west area. I would like to learn about the city and its customs and much more. I could read or learn by internet but its more exciting and interesting if i get thar knowledge from locals. I m a cuban -spanig girl who will only stay here 3 months. My objectives is meetibg locals, impriving english and discover what to do. So far it s not clear to me. Jasper it sounds interesting but not decided now. Will someone would like to have a coffee, me i m opened to. Thanks.

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