i need work

can anybody knows where can iapply

Hello Kenjin24,
You should give more details and put the forms in your message and present yourself with your situation because we cannot help you if we have no informations. People on this forum take the time that they have on their free time, to help people in needs, so we will appreciate if you could at minimum say "hello" and "please". Thank you.

Are you already in Japan with a visa and looking for a job ?
Or are you planning to come to Japan and need to find a job for that ?

If you are not in Japan, you should first, look about working visa and check at the Japanese embassy that is in your country if you have the profil to get a visa. It depends of your diplomas and work field. Not everybody can get a visa, so check this first, it is the most important. Then if you know that you have the profile to get a visa, come back on this forum and in order to help you, tell us what kind of job you are looking for, be specific.

Good Luck,

Where are you from

im from the philippines

ill take your advise to look for employer for japan and apply for visa. thank you

The way to do this is post your CV in "Jobs" at the top of this page.
You may post your contact details in that section but may NOT post other people's contact details.

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