where can I play badminton ?

Hi,this is kate from shanghai.
I just move in turin now,I'd like to make friends here.
I like to play badminton very much,but I have checked it seems no where can play in turin,does anyone knows where I can play badminton?
Thanks a lot!

Hi Kate!

After reading your post, I have asked some people that I know from Turin if there are any badminton facilities here.  Unfortunately, none of them know about any, as it isn't a popular sport here.  If I find out anything different, I will let you know.

How are you finding Turin so far?  I absolutely love it here :-)

Amanda X

Thank you veru much!
It's really a bad news for me.I have planyed it every week more than 7 years,it a good sports for Asian.It's hardly to believe that Turin out of this so polular sports but olympic Games actually had had here.....even Brazil has this gym for badminton.
Turin is a beautiful city,I like the Alps stretching endlessly,river,architectural style,fresh food....
Yes,I like turin!
I am learning Italian now,hope I will be able to speak soon.
Thanks for you help!

Don't worry Kate, here is possible to play badminton as well..
You can call the turin branch of Italian badminton Federation (Via Giordano Bruno, 191 10134 Torino, phone 011 3032241).
They could tell you venues etc.

Enjoy Torino!


Thank you very much,I will call they soon,see what's going  on.

you're welcome, keep me updated!

I have tried few times to call the number,but nobody answer.I found their website,wrote a eamil ,but nothing responded.so I guess the turin branch of Italian badminton Federation is not exist anymore.
Thanks a lot.

Try to check the Badminton Club of Milano.
They could know sone association in Torino, or ask in some big sport equipments department (Milanesio Sport for example).
Try to call the City Hall - Secretariat for Sport
They should have an updated list of every sport venue in the city.
If I find out something I'll let you know!

Ciao Kate,
Did you anderstand how it works in Torino for badminton?


I am in new in Turin. I am also interested in playing has there been any latest news as to where are the possible venue? Also, do you guys know of any local groups/teams who are playing and willing to welcome newcomers?

Please share some info. Thank you!

Hi bethoks!

Welcome to Expat.com ;)


Thanks Armand ;)

Anyone in Turin still interested in playing badminton and knows a place where it can be played? :)

I'm living 25 years in turin and would like to play again. Why don't rent a place together ?

Hi Maarten.J,

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I suggest to create a new topic as this thread is quite old, this might of great help. :)



Yes, i also like play badminton.do you know about any fact about badminton court

you just have to put badminton Torino on FB and you will find all the informations.
I don't know much more as I'm now living in Nice in France.
wishing the best in Torino, a very nice city.

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