Resignation before the the contract ends

          I am in problem i work in a company for 1 year and 9 months. My contract is of two years i put resignation informing to my company and i also follow the company procedure. My last working day was February 15/ 2018 but after my duty stop they give my settlement after 17 days and that also 128 sar and ticket is that fair please help me


Hello sir yossef need your advice.pls help me..i resign in my company.but my manager tell me to pay my remaining balance..but my contract says that.i have to shoulder alk my expenses back to my country..thank you sir.

I can’t answer, not clear

My contract sir is 2 years i work only 9 months.and then my manager tell me that i have to pay my remaining balance time with my basic salary..but my contrate state only that im only responsible my expatration back to my country of origin,in case i will terminate my contract.

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