Legitimacy of Job offers in Istanbul


I have a job offer in Istanbul, they told me to have everything settle for this month (march), and they seem very legit, they helped me a little looking for places to stay and all of that, they also offered me a working visa after one month of work, I really want to try, but I am from Venezuela and I dont know much people there, I was the one contacting them, they offer me to work with them there in the European Side, I have not made any arrangements yet cause I was scared about everyone saying that it could be dangerous or a scam, that they could take my passport etc etc.

So if anyone living in Istanbul can help me to find out a litte about the company I can give you the information trough private message please.

Thank you very much!

can you send me the details i will check it for you

Hello Maria,

If they are saying that they will get you a work permit after you are working there after a month then this to me sounds wrong. It is illegal for any foreigner, no matter where we are from, to work any time period without having a valid work permit already in place to do the work that we are hired to do. A work permit has to be applied for by both the employer and the employee prior to starting any work.

Hope this helps, good luck with everything!

Yeah well I guess they want to see first how I do in the job i guess, are you living in Turkey?

Hi and welcome. To be honest I do not think that it is legit. PM me with details and I will ask around. Regards

Yeah i live in turkey, I'm also working over here and before my employer would let me work we had to arrange a valid work permit. You can't work here legally without one, its not worth the risk of working with out a WP as you can get fined and deported with a ban in place to stop your return. It's really not worth the risk, if your employer is genuine they will know all of these rules that come with hiring an expatriate. Really hope this all helps, leaving your own native country is a huge step and the last thing you need is to have problems when you get here.

Good luck with everything!

Hı Maria,

As Jessica mentioned and it has been discussed numerous times on the forum, it is advisable to get your working papers in order before moving to any new place. 
In my three years stay here, I have seen a few people coming here from Europe and North Africa and leaving within two months of getting ripped off. You are coming here from South America.. make it easy for you.

I would also recommend reading reviews about the company. That will be very useful.

Also, you can name the company here so that if someone locally is actually interested in helping they can check the place out. 

For everyone suggesting details in PM, this is an open forum with intentions to help everyone through experience of others, it's best to help the OP here openly so that everyone can benefit from it.

Thank you for your contributions. 

Yeah well I would rather to keep this in private, due to the fact that I actually think that the company is legit so far, but a few people have already text me trough PM and I have give them the information.

Again thank you very much for your help, I will keep researching the company.

MariaMoli please check the email address vs their official web page. If you receive anything from gmail or hotmail address most probably the offer is not legit.

Also if they are asking you for any expense in advance for plane tickets, work permits etc. than again the offer may not be legit.

It is better safe than sorry.

Good Luck.

No they have not asked any money from me, they only asked me if I was going to go to turkey, but the plane ticket is very expensive 1500$, right now I dont think I can pay for it, so I should ask them if they can pay it.


Hi, regarding your posts about job offers in that area, do you have any idea about a company named SGF Energy limited, Kurtulus Caddesi, No: 2,  45035 Tuzla - Istanbul ?? it is supposed it as a big oil company in turkey, but i am thinking it is just a fraud.

Thanks for any advice.

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