How to make friends in Sweden

We have been talking about loneliness when you are abroad, let's now talk about how to make friends (locals and other expats) when you're living in Sweden :top:

Which are your best tips to meet people and to make friends in Sweden??

Thanks in advance for your participation

Hello there!

Im Veronica. In 1 week i will establish myself in Sweden for good (or so i say now). Im married to Magnus, a real swede and we want to start a new life in Sweden.
I am interested in finding romanian communities in Sweden, Smaland. I heard there were some. Of course, romanian from everywhere in Sweden are welcome to send a note, if they want.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Numai bine!

Hi, my name is Deni Yulia and I have been living in Stockholm for about one and halv year, but still finding really hard to have swedish friend. I am not give up yet though :)

I think the best tip to have friend in Sweden is by going to school, learn the language and keep trying to get in touch with local people. I have some friends at school but they are not swedish, so... hopefully by join this society i could get more tips how to make a real friendship with swedes :D

Feel free to contact me and who knows we can find good solution for this matter.

Take care!

Definitely not easy.  But join clubs, go to yoga/dance classes, find other expats.

Just give it a few months, okay, several months. ;)

wow its a long process to make friends here....any filipinos to be my friends here im currently living in Örebro

Hey...what place in sweden you live

hi i'm one month here in stockholm i want to go out and meet a new friend. any body can tell me where is the good place to go i prefere night clubs thank you

I'm a Swede who's lived in the US for the last 12 years. Been back in Gothenburg Sweden, for about a month and even I am surprised by how reserved Swede's are! I'll try an join club and/or team where I can meet people with similar interests as me.
Good luck ya'll!

Sometimes it would be fun to get more friends in Sweden. very difficult to make friends anywhere, maybe sometimes you think you've found a friend but friendship lasts only a night or a day depends on the plan or the place ... I have found friends for this Explat and I think the other way is to befriend the internet and social pages, I think the Swedes lose but fear speaking through a computer, I'm still looking for friends around here I like to do different weekend plans a hug!

hello i am from egypt looking for to talk to  anyone from sweden
and if there is anyone can help me in marketing it would be awesome

ps girls will be better lol :D

Im from sweden myself and i can warn you that swedes can be kinda hard to be friends with, if you just start talking to them randomly on the street. Sweeds are often kinda shy and dont talk to strangers
But i can give you two tips; in the summer its a lot easier! Everyone hangs outside having picnics and swimming, start a conversation with someone on the beach or in the park on a warm summer day
Youths are, in general, more social than grown-ups. Between 15 and 30 is easiest to can friendly with (can maybe depend on your own age too)
And hang out with drunk sweeds and you will get soooo many friends. Just start talking to someone on the streets or in the subway, if theyre drunk, you will have a very fun and friendly conversation
good luck! ;)

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am makumba sowe from west africa country call the looking for serious friend or networking abraod who is living like sweden

Hello everyone,

I came to stockholm 6 month ago, I speak arabic, french spanish english and a little bit swedish.

It will be great to have a meet international people, for a coffe,hang out or talk on facebook, dont hesitate to contact me :D

AAaaaaah! I am 26 years old, graduated in IT, and they say that i am cool :P


      my name is amartey and am from ghana.i am a social worker who believe in the welbeing of children.i will like to meet any sweden person to be friend.people in ghana are very calm and good, i tell you u will never regreat making friend from ghana.

Its good to have friends all around to exchange and explore new languages, ideas and interests...

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Hello my name is junior omombo and I am from drcongo but I am living in India for study and I wanna be your friend... So please u can contact me in juniorpilote[at] and my Facebook is [link moderated] what's apps is +918054083158 waiting u

Is it possible that we become friends?
Add me to skype / Nasimps,
I am a man from Gaza

I wentede to scholarship education!!!!

write and some...............

hi nice to me et u

hello can we be friends?hope to hear from you soon.thanks........nhanzee

Hey hi, will love to hang out and have a real frend in you. Im on holiday in finland but will be in Sweden 1st august. If you dont mind, lets hang our. Reply.

i want to have a friend in Norway or Sweden are u there

Hey! I'm Nelson from Ecuador I'd like to make friends from England, Germany and Sweden!
message me back! friends :)

Hey there!am sham wanjau from kenya would like to make friends from Sweden,gender,age,colour,don't matter as long as we can learn to respect eachother and make a strong bond of friendship:-)

Im from srilanka n I hope to come  there this August I like to make lotof friends before I come sweden. .. :) tnx

Hey Alvaei!
Istället för att säga "Good luck" till invandrarna som känner sig isolerade, varför skulle du inte ta kontakt med dem? Jag tror att du har goda idéer, men varför denna dubbelmoral?

In English:
Instead of saying "Good luck" to immigrants who feel isolated, why don´t you get in touch with them? I think you have good ideas but why this double standard?

your welcome dear friend

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Am a barchelor student in Dar es salaam but most of My holidays I visit in Stockholm My sister live here
Am looking for friends we can hangout girls and boys matured Swedish friends, i like to know Sweden better
This summer let keep in touch

Hi are you from Stockholm
I would like  to meet some friends here ...

Hello everyone ,

Friend of mine who are irish. He is involment working with block paving , carmac etc. currently does not have much job in Ireland and he is intending to go to Stockholm , in Sweden for doing this work? But he need a salesmen from Stockholm who can speak English and knows drive. This is driving away work . So it would be appreciated if some body introducing a Swedish citizen from Stockholm that we can contact with the person .

Syed rashel
Email: syedrashelbd[at]

Mr Tom


This is syed rashel from ireland . I have irish friend who is block paving , carmac etc contracter . He is going to sweden to do this job. He need a salesmen from Stockholm , who can speak English and drive away. I would be appreciate if you introducing some one from Stockholm . My email is : syedrashelbd[at]

lets be friend my dear add me as friend im living in stockholm

jesica21 :

lets be friend my dear add me as friend im living in stockholm

Hi jessica ,.. i wish to be ur good friend .. i will be in jönköping university in this august. I need a good friend who can assist me... i want a homestay as welll..:)

thanks jesica.

Hi Alvei.
i came to know that you are stocklhom in sweden,can you provide some information about salesmen who involvement working with block paving , car mac etc,friend of mine is coming to done job above, he is contractor.he doesnt know anyone in Stockholm ?before arrive there he should know that someone who can speak english and drive away?
so can you help me by providing some information for salesmen.

syed rashel

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