Australian moved to Malmo looking for friends

Hi, I've just moved to Malmo from Sydney Australia with my family. I've only been here three weeks so I'm slowly settling in and finding my feet. I have two children, 5 and 8 and they are at school from 8am-2pm. I'm filling my days with yoga, writing (i'm a freelance beauty editor) but am looking for local work and just generally getting to know Malmo. If you are in the same boat and fancy meeting for a coffee or Fika one afternoon, please let me know...I'd love to meet you and find out how you have integrated into life in Sweden. Thanks

Hi Sarah,
I have moved to Sweden (Malmö) with my husband at the beginning of the year. My husband studies at the university, as for me i am waiting to start my SFI course and also looking for a job. It would be nice to meet you, have a coffee one day!

Hej, I'd love to meet up. Where do you live? Lets do it...Sarah

Hello Sarah,

I just Sarah I just recently move to Malmo w my family. I have 3 kids. Just want to ask do you know any activities for a 5 yrs old around? Or a website for kids activities here. I would really appreciate your recommendation.

Thanks, Orlie

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