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Hi, could anyone send me a recommended lawyer in Sri Lanka southern province to get details of how to start a business and get a work visa for a UK national. Thanks in Advance.
Also I have tried to contact three separate Sri Lankan real estate agents, Pearl, South Sri Lanka Property and Lanka real estate without any success. Can anyone recommend a reputable agent near Galle?

Hi Marmaduke,

You will find some professionals recommended in the business directory.

I suggest you browse through these 2 categories.

- Lawyers in Sri Lanka

- Real estate in Sri Lanka

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Marmaduke, Contacting property agents won't help. Do you have a business idea or a plan? If the answer is yes, do PM me. best way to address your needs would be speaking to BOI. if you have any issues, I can guide you to the relevant person. For that I have to see your business plan first and advise you on what is possible and not. Sri Lanka has changed property laws and don't get caught to the words from property agents. If you are to procure a land, it will be a long lease.

According to the latest regulations, foreigners are only allowed to purchase a 99-year-lease property if they are not contributing to the Sri Lanka's economy. Under Land Act No 38, foreigners may setup joint ventures, which later purchase a freehold property.

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