New to Munich and would love to meet new people

I'm an English Teacher. I'm definitely new to Munich from London and would love to make some new friends! Say Hi :)

How Long have you been here now?
I know some People from Trinidad.

Best regards


Am also new in Munich. Am from UK too.


Hiii guys ,I'm prettty  new, only been here from February of this year. I can't say I've found or met anyone from Trinidad yet, I didn't think there would be a  whole lot. lol

...or London, but I'm sure there are tons of English people, I just haven't found them yet :)

Hellooooooo Carina! Good to hear we won't be the only new peeps coming to invade Munich.  :top:

We are not there YET but flying in by 1st week or 2nd week of July. And will be busy the first days/weeks to look for a decent apartment. Wish us luck! Lol Looking forward to meeting you.

Let's stay in touch and hopefully meet soon. I'll hella you once we are there.


Hi Maria,

Yay more people! Have a safe trip and good luck with the apartment hunting!! It's pretty intense.

I'd love to keep in touch! You're coming at a great time because the weather is amazing; nice and bright and sunny

Hope to hear from you soon,
Carina :)

Hiii Carina!😊 I'm also new here in Germany 30 mins to Munich. Newly married. We'll live here for long years. Almost 3 months here. I would like to meet a new friends. Let me know if we could meet soon. Nice day!

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