Marrying israeli guy

Hi there im from philippines and i have a online bf from israel and we didnt meet yet,im planning to visit him in israel so we can see if we are match question is,isnt hard for me to enter in israel as tourist?do they ask me whom i visit there and where i stay?thanks  hope anyone can answer me asap.tnx


Are you planning on marrying someone you've NEVER met?

And how come he's not giving you this information?

I'd be very careful if I were you. This sounds very fishy to me.

Yes i am planning to marry my bf israeli by next year..can u give me some advice?thanks

This should be his plan. Not yours.

Sit back, relax and give him the liberty to make arrangements for you. Good luck! ;)

Yes ur ryt stells..hes going to figure it out  soon about me coming over there..thanks

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