Is vaping legal in Saudi Arabia?


I will be coming to work in Saudi Arabia (Taif) in the next month or two, for 12 months.
I will be living in a compound.

I'm from England and I vape on a daily basis instead of smoking cigarettes.

My questions are,

1) is vaping legal in Saudi Arabia? Or would I just have to vape on the compound?
2) will I be able to bring my vape and eliquid into the country via Jeddah airport? If so, is there a limit?

Thanks for the help!

You can.. no problem

I am not sure if you can bring in vape. What i know is that selling eliquid in Saudi is not legally perimissible. There however must be other means.

Oh wait, my Saudi connection confirms there are no problems bringing in.

Good day
Yep you can use eliquid and vape but it is illegal on public places and you can buy eliquid from stores such as Altamimi market and smoking stores

May I know, there is have vaping shop at Saudi Arabia?

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