Can Non-EU nationals with a residence permit work part time? *urgent*

Hello All,

I have recently moved to Malta with my husband (also a non-EU national) and will hold a residence permit by virtue of him living and working here. There is a lot of information on the permit process when it comes to full time work, and I understand that an employer needs to apply for a work permit on your behalf.

However, I would like to know if anyone knows about the rules with regards to part-time paid work? Is it allowed? What other documentation will/do I need?

Looking forward to some help!

As far as I know, as non-EU national you cannot work at all without valid working permit. But there are some exceptions for students, au-pairs, freelancers etc.
Better you ask your employer since he has to apply for your working permission, and in this case he has to prove that no other available EU national can do this job.


Did you ever find out if what you were intending to do was possible? I consulted a lawyer friend with specialisation in this area and even he was dumbstruck with the possibility of a TCN looking for part-time work. I think the system assumes that TCN = Must be here to make money and hence 40 hours a week.

In our case, my partner has been invited to counsel, with work never exceeding 10 hours a week.


As per the ETC rules, it is possible for a TCN to get a work permit for part-time work, however the employee has to be paid at least double the minimum wage at the time of joining.

Similar processes apply in terms of justification required from the employer etc.

I have realised that most people in Malta do not know what processes need to be followed for various things and that there are reasons to move to a place, other than making money. :)

This is what I found out anyway. I believe it was under an FAQ section somewhere on the jobsplus website. Will post the link here if I find it again.

^^ yeah, agreed re lack of information. This is done on purpose, to wield control. I grew up in an Arab country. This pattern is familiar to me.

What you saw on Jobplus is in respect to LTR (and Croatians, huh?) but not TCNs. It's ironic because there is a dearth of some types of workers in Malta and the labour market should first be making use of the ones already here. I mean she has the job offer and the NGOs founder has gone out of her way to seek her services, which indicates to me that what she does is useful to the society.

Anyway, for now we decided that she continues on a volunteer basis. This keeps her involved with her industry + she can fraternise.

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