Applying For Permanent Resident Based On Brazilian Born Child

Recently had a son here in São Paulo and would like to apply for permanent residency so I can be able to take care of him down here!

Can anyone with expertise or experience with this process explain the "Full List" or "Basic List" of documents needed for the process!

Also can anyone explain what a "GRU" is, someone mentioned I might need that for the process!

Last question, once I go the PF with the all the listed documents needed will I be issued my permanent resident permit same day and will my passport be stamped to reflect it same day?

Am will be applying from São Paulo

Thanks everyone :) and hope I get some answers on here

List of document

Request for stay based on Brazilian offspring

Request for stay based on Brazilian offspring, as provided for in MJ Ordinance No. 4/2015 and related legislation (article 75, II, "b" Law No. 6815/80 and RN No. 108/2014 CNIg):

Own request, available at

Two (02) 3x4 size pictures, recent, colorful, with white background.

Authenticated, clear and complete copy of passport or equivalent travel document;

Authenticated copy of the identity card of the other parent of the Brazilian child;

Certified copy of birth certificate of offspring;

Declaration that the offspring live under their care and economic dependence, with a recognized signature;

Authenticated copy of the unappealable judgment of the action of food combined with regulation of visits, if the foreigner does not have custody of the child;

Proof of payment of the respective fee.

Revenue Code: 140066 - R $ 168.13 (Request for Permanence)

Revenue Code: 140082 - R $ 106,45 (Foreign Registration)

Revenue Code: 140120 - R $ 204.77 (Foreigner's Portfolio)

* To check if there is a calendar available for service, reprint form 154 or generate the GRU for payment of fees, click  here


The documents issued abroad must be legalized by Brazilian consular office and translated by a sworn translator in Brazil.

The documents that must be presented by means of certified copies may alternatively be presented in simple copies accompanied by the original documents for authentication by the public server that receives them, pursuant to  § 1  of art. 10  of Decree  6.932 of August 11, 2009.

You will be issued a protocol if all your documents are in order. It takes around 60 days to get the CIE.


Wonderful selfless post Jim :) really greatful for your reply, everything is clear and understood so far except this document you mentioned:

"Authenticated copy of the unappealable judgment of the action of food combined with regulation of visits, if the foreigner does not have custody of the child"

Where do I obtain this document and what does it stand for? The child will live with me so will i still need it?

Also all documents that are asked for are issued here in Brazil ei: Childs birth certificate etc. All in exception of my passport of course! This am sure does not need to be certified by the consulate back in my country does it? That would be a little weird if they asked for a passport to get certified.

Happy carnival and hope I hear from you soon :)


I would say since the child lives with you you will not need it. As far as your passport you do that here.

Good Luck

Thanks Jim! Your reply is very much appreciated...

Boa Carnaval,

I did this a year ago based on children, registering the marriage here was way to difficult. My wife filled out paperwork so I'm not sure of that part. We walked in to federal police, handed in paperwork, took a photo and fingerprints of me and walked out with passport stamped permanent resident. A month later I returned to pick up my RNE identification card. Wish I knew more, but the process was extremely easy. Paid a fee for this too.

Thanks Craig for the feedback! I personally think registering for permanent residency based on  having a Brazilian Child is the way to go!

Boa carnival meu amigo!


DanielDuncan935 :

All in exception of my passport of course! This am sure does not need to be certified by the consulate back in my country does it.

You get a certified copy of your entire passport at any cartório.

DanielDuncan935 :

"Authenticated copy of the unappealable judgment of the action of food combined with regulation of visits, if the foreigner does not have custody of the child"

Where do I obtain this document and what does it stand for? The child will live with me so will i still need it?

You definitely not need this document if you are together with the mother.

Okay everything done and submitted last week!!! 

Application was accepted, received my RNE # (Not Actual Card Yet just the RNE#) took fingerprints, photo and was issued a protocol slip with my picture and protocol # with a validity of 180 days! Was told to come back in 3 Months for my actual CIE card.

I have tried to track the progress of the application using this link … ocesso.jsp

But to no avail! I even used the Internet Explorer like James recommend and it still won't pull up anything, keep getting the same error "Name Cannot Be Found"

Should i just wait another week before I check? Would appreciate any expertise on this problem


Hi Daniel,
Sorry to bug you. I have gone thru all that is written in this thread but really want to know how u went about the whole process.
I am having a baby in Sao Paulo within the week. How long do I stay before applying for an RNE/CIE?
And how where you able to interpret to portugese?
Jim also talked about attesting/certifying my passport. I don't understand that part. How did u go about it?
How much in total did u pay for the whole process?
Did you just walk into policia federal and submit the documents without any further ado?
Enlighten me please.

Hello Jpeebraz and welcome to the forum :)

The answer to your first question would be, you can apply for your RNE/CIE as soon as you get the actual Birth Certificate for your child and gather the rest of all the documents required for the process.

The answer to your Second question: I use google chrome with automatic translation so I could read everything in english, I also cross checked everything else with a friend here that is Bi-lingual and can speak and write both English and Portuguese.

Answer to your Third question: You can certify and get authenticated "copies" of your passport by taking the "Original" to any Cartorio, you need to get the certified copies of "All" pages of your passport, even the blank ones!

A summary of your fourth, fifth and sixth question is
I gathered "ALL" the necessary documents after I got the birth certificate for my son and filled out the necessary form to apply for permanency, I generated and paid my GRU'S (Forgot how much total i paid) and together with those receipts in hand I just walked into the main PF where applications are taken in.

After a review that everything was in order and complete I was registered in the RNE, fingerprints photo were taken and I was issued a Protocol Slip which serves as a Temporary ID I can use for everything until my plastic CIE arrives! I was told to come back after 90 days for this but it normally arrives around 60!

Hope this helps you,

Mr. Duncan

Question: When I got my protocolo they didn't stamp my passport. Is that ok? Is the stamp after the CIE?

Some delegacies do and some don't! You just have to wait for your actual plastic CIE to arrive before travelling outside the country or you might run into delays and possible problems once your on International soil because just the Protocol stand alone is not really recognized internationally.

Mr. Duncan

They usually do stamp it. I heard other say the same thing. When they asked them to stamp it they did.


Thanks for the info. I appreciate. We are still waiting for our little one to arrive though.

I have a question regarding permanent residency for parents based on child born in Brasil:

Is it necessary for the parents to be married?
Or is it sufficient that the father´s name is on the birth certificate?

I believe it is just the parents name on the birth documents.


Nope!  It is not compulsory for the parents to be married.

Quick update for all, picked up my actual CIE card today!!!

For those applying in Lapa, Sao Paulo, the process took 3 weeks after my application was accepted and RNE/Protocol was issued for my actual card to be made and shipped from Brasilia.

Basically after the acceptance of my application, the actual card was made and shipped in about 3 weeks! I just picked it up on the 60th day after the acceptance of my application.

Regards to all,
Mr. Daniel Duncan.

Where could I check that? Website, phone number, office?


That information can be tracked on the Policia Federal website.  Also the same info will be mentioned in the Protocolo that the Policia Federal officer will issue to you.

Waow! So fast. Goodluck with that.
Our LO (little one) came on the 16th and we have applied for the RNE.
We ve gotten the RNE number/protocol. Was asked to come back after 90 days for the CIE card.

Hi JPee

First of all congrats on becoming a father!  Furthermore please keep on checking your status online as although Policia Federal gives a 90 days validity on the Protocolo, most of the times the CIEs are printed and arrive at Policia Federal between 45 to 60 days time.

Good luck


I have a few more questions regarding this topic:

1) What is this document supposed to be exactly: "Declaration that the offspring live under their care and economic dependence, with a recognized signature;" ? Should the signatures again be recognized at a cartorio?

2) Where do we pay the fees and how does that work?

Hello everyone! I would like to ask few questions about getting RNE based on child birth.
Me and my husband are citizens of two defferent countries. To be exact his country almost does not exist  since it is Yemen , so we checked and found out that all foreign docs need to be legalized by Brazilian consulate or have Apostile, Yemen did not sighn a convention of 1965 about Apostile so it is mean thet his papers need to be attested in Brazilian consulate..... which does not exist in Brazil ((( and only in Cuba , and Yemen does not exist as country as well and he was only born there and never lived in.
So the biggest question for both of us is which kind of docs from abroad we need to have and is there is any option for him to legalized his papers?
I am citizen of Russia and right now we are both here, he has Russian permanency if it helpful by any chance.

Thank you so much in advance)))

Hello Daniel,

Just wondering when during pregnancy did you come to Brazil. Will they question at the airport whether we are pregnant and/or why we are delivering in Brazil?

Which is the better place to have a baby in Brazil? Any costs?

Thanks a lot man,

hello everyone
hope you are all in agood health
please does anyone know when the protocol system for applying to permanent residency in sao paulo will open and if i apply to the cie can anyone except me have it for me if i sign a notify paper for him

Hi Ahmad

As per my knowledge the Policia Federal is accepting applications but instead of it being called the Permanent Residency Card it is now called the National Migration Card.

Also you will need to draw up a power of attorney in the name of the person who will collect the cards on your behalf



dear stanza
thank you for your reply
do u know exactly when the system in sao paulo will open as it has been closed since 25 of november and the attorney can pick it up where i dont have to pick it up personally right??


If you are talking about the system to receive appointments, you will just have to keep checking on a daily basis.

Also you don’t require an attorney to pick up the cards, it can even be a friend.  As long as you can goto the Cartorio with your protocolos and explain to them what type of power of attorney you require they can draft it up for you.

If you need more details please feel free to send me a private message

Good luck



My child was born in Brazil, Sao Paulo, he received a Brazilian passport. And his mother and I applied for residency permit, We received the ID cards, the one with orange color.

It says it is valid for 10 years. I actually live outside Brazil. But I would like to maintain my residency visa in Brazil, So I can come back later when I am done with my work.

Do I have to visit Brazil more often, in order to keep it valid ? are there any laws regarding it ? Since After 2 months of my son was born we traveled outside Brazil. How long can we stay outside brazil and the visa still be vaild ?


2 years, afterwards you will lose permanent residence status

Ok if I come back before the two years of my first exist, how many days do i have to stay ? and can I go out of brazil after that and come back again ?

You could exit the same day and remain outside for another two years.

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