Young professional English move to Katowice

Hi all,

I am a 22 year old graduate originally from the midlands in U.K. But currently working and living in London for Unilever.

I have been offered a job in Katowice for a year with unilever and I have no idea what to do!

I have never been to Poland before and don't speak a word of Polish. The language in the office I am told is English.

Does anyone have any advice on life in Katowice for a non Polish speaker?

Also if there are any English speaking expats it would be great to get in touch as me and my partner will be looking to make friends.



Hi Ben,

I was in a similar situation 4 years ago. A sudden offer to move to Poland from Indianapolis, to work in the company's EU manufacturing facility and assist with their Intl marketing efforts....

We've been very happy that we decided to take the leap and go. We've made great friends, and happily extended our 2 year commitment to 5.

I have to say however, that our situation was very much facilitated by the company - they provided 100% support in order to bring us here and set us up. Sure, we did a lot of things ourselves, but always knowing we had backup if we needed it.

If the company is going to assist and help with the visa/work permit and housing and everything, I believe you'll have the perfect opportunity to come and really focus on enjoying Poland for everything it has to offer. However, if they're expecting you to figure out a lot of that yourself, it will be more difficult (in my opinion). Many people have done it successfully though, that can advise you better than I can.

The 'English' in the office was rough when I first arrived, but we managed and now we have meetings fluidly in English and even Polish (I can follow along ). You'll want to learn as much Polish vocab as you can.

But if you have a lot of company support for the move, I would say don't hesitate! You'll be in a nice part of Poland with lot's to see and do!

Hey Ben,

I see that your post is from about 2 months ago. Did you make the leap of faith and go to Katowice?

I am moving there also in a couple of months and I could use some good advice from someone who has done the same.

I got a great job offer there and need to set up alot of things.

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