How many weeks UDI send the decision letter.

Pls. help i ask questions those have already received their decision letter for reunification spouse visa. UDI emailed me that my spouse visa granted last week of January, I am waiting till now  the decision letter from UDI its already 3 weeks waiting now since they approved my reunification spouse visa. Anyone here can lighten me? Thanks a lot. Good evening everyone.

3 weeks? hmm. shouldn't take that long.. where did u apply? Embassy or Politi? because it says on the email I received, it takes them within 2 weeks to send the letter by post.  Although mine is I received the decision letter via digital mailbox within the same day UDI made the decision. I applied in Politi and also gave my spouse the power of attorney so UDI can send it via digital mailbox.

Maybe you should follow up UDI again regarding this..

Did you give them the right address with the right name?  Are you in Oslo?  If you are in Oslo, you must have the right name stick on the mailbox.

Thanks for the reply i applied at Politi. That's why i wonder because in emailed they said 2 weeks..

Yes, I applied at Politi i wonder why till now not yet..

Hi in my case they send email that they have decision already and send it to my address .. but they didn't say if it was rejected or granted ,, I'm confused and waiting for the letter,., 😕

Hi perfectionist just wanna ask about the decision letter that you"ve beeb waiting for,when did you receive it?can you share to ne what happen?I am also waiting for thd decision letter from UDI. thanks.

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