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My name is Leticia and I'm planning to move to Manchester. I will be living with a friend who is already there. I was wondering how long would it take to find a job in Manchester. I'm interested to work as a secretary, receptionist  or as call center agent.

I noticed there are plenty of jobs in these domains, but  I was wondering how long do these kind of  companies usually take to call you for an interview after you submit your application.

Is it reasonable to think that I can get a job within 2-3 weeks ?

Thank you

Hi Leticia and welcome to the Forum. :)

As an EU citizen, you currently have the right to live and work in the UK.  I say currently, as you may be aware that the UK is intending to leave the EU and there is currently some uncertainty as what will happen to EU citizens once this is finalised.  There is speculation that those who arrived after the referendum date (23 June 2016) may not have the right to live and work here.  That all said, it is at least 2 years away and who knows what will happen in the mean time.

With regards to your specific question, it's hard to answer definitely.  I'd recommend that you contact the links you have already found and ask them when they are looking to recruit.

Agency websites are attractive, but they often post jobs that don't actually exist, just to have a register of interested/qualified people for when they do have vacancies.

Best of luck in your journey. :)

Thank you for the replay. I didn't realize that recruitment agencies  do that there as well :)).

I'm aware that UK is leaving the EU and nobody knows what will happen in 2 years.

In Romania it can take months to find a new job, if it's not in a bar or restaurant. They call people for an interview the very same day they apply and if they are qualified they can start the  next day.

But that's not what happens in other domains. Companies wait for as much as 3 weeks to receive as many applications as possible and then they take another week or two to actually call the selected applicants for an interview. There are fewer jobs and they want to select the perfect candidate.

I was just wondering if things move faster in the UK.

Hi. I currently live in Stockport in Manchester. I work as a call center agent and my company is currently hiring. Let me know if you're interested.


I am from Colombo. looking forward to visit UK,probably i'll be working there if permits.
can you tell me the situation their after recent attacks

Hi there :) recruitment agencies are very helpful for the process of looking for a new job. Manchester is a very busy city and there are many job vacancies, especially in the sector you are interested in as there are a lot of offices. Also, I suggest you have a look on the internet for job vacancies as a lot of companies advertise them on there. Good luck with the job hunt! :)

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