Looking to meet English Speaking people

Hello everybody...After living in the US for 5 years, I recentely moved out to Rabat, I don't know many people here. I'm interested in meeting up with English speaking people in Rabat or Casablanca. Please don't hesitate to contact me, I will more than happy to know you. Thanks in advance.

Welcome on board Adam07 ;)


Thanks for responding to my post. If you checked my profile, you would easily know that I'm 27 years old. You were born in 1986 and I was born in 1984. However, age doesn't matter that much for me.
I already sent you an email containing my infos. Hope to see you soon. Regards.

Hi everyone! I'm spanish, I speak fluent english (well, I try to!) ;)
I'm from 1986 too, I'm psychologist but i'm doing AUPAIR here with a french family and I don't meet anyone extra-familiar yet so if you ever want to go to meet I will be glad to join you! I'm living (I moved a week ago from Barcelona) in SOUSSI, near Hilton Forest. Next week I will have all mornings free. and of course, all weekend!

keep in touch!0

hello all,

I moved to Morocco from London England in July, I'm interested in getting to know you and meeting up if any of you like. Here's my email adress if you'd like to contact me compu_george[at]


Hey Adam and everyone else,

I am also new in town and speak english fluently (despite my french nationality). I am about to spend 6 months in Rabat working for an International Organisation.

It'd be sweet to meet some people outside work hours.

Get in touch if interested.


hi guys, i am moroccan, I lived 5 years in the usa, i would love to get in touch with u guys and maybe meet for a coffee or something.i am 25 yo and live next to "megamall"

I was out of Morocco for 10 years too and it is really hard to adapt once again, I did not use french during these years and I really can use some help in meeting some new friends

Adam, we can meet in casa sme weekend, or u r invited to jadida. feel free to contact..see ya

Hi, Adam (and the rest).

I can see this thread is a bit old but I'll give it a shot anyway. My husband and I just moved to Rabat and are keen to meet English speaking people. We live in Hay Riad. Would anyone like to meet for a coffee in Mahaj?


Hi there

I am hind live in Sala al jadida near Rabat
i like to meet new people i am not soo good at english but i like to learn it more and meet people who speak english and i can teach arabic if you want
can we be friends?

we can speak if you want

hola que tal, como estas ? soy ismail de rabat, podemos hablar espanol o ingles o frances si quieres

Hi Ismail_cody > you should please write in English in the English speaking forum.


@Hindbasri > please note that this thread is inactive since 2011. You should post an ad in the Language exchange in Rabat classifieds section. Thank you


this is khalid i am disposed to meet you  and show around in my town Benslimane it is  one hour and half away from casablanca in here you can meet families and enjoy the nutural landscapes

Hey Adam and the rest.
I am a Moroccan English speaker, I am not officially a native speaker since I didn't pass the TOEFL yet, but I am pretty much of a fluent speaker.
I live in Sale, I really would like to meet with foreigners here in Morocco.
I also can speak French, Arabic and a little bit of Korean (still a beginner though).
I also would like to be some help for you in need (:

Im malaysian looking forward to study arabic language. It will good if u could suggest at home  language comunication.

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