Use Waze, skip GPS?

Hola, amigos! Our March visit plans are taking shape! A question for Costa Rican dwellers:

I purchased the "international travel pass" from Verizon which turns out to be essentially the same price as changing SIM cards etc., plus all three of our phones will have it. I will download Waze to the phones.

My question is, someone recommended I also rent a GPS with the car. (I should have asked what advantages the  person saw in having both Waze and GPS.) The Verizon representative said that a GPS would be redundant if we have Waze and that sounds right to me. And I would save $70 if I cancel the GPS.

Thank you for advice!

WAZE is apparently very popular here.  I use it routinely.  BUT, sometimes it does not take you on the best route available (IMHO).

If you have WAZE, I would not pay extra for GPS for a rental car.  Redundant.....

Thank you! That was my hunch. I will call and cancel the GPS today. Gracias!

I returned yesterday from Costa Rica, and I have a Garmin Nuvi w/Costa Rica maps as well as 1g of data from Sprint while we were there, and the Garmin ended up in the trunk as I relied on Waze entirely for most of the trip. The Garmin was fine, but searching for our destination was painful, slow, and rarely accurate. Google Maps/Waze of course was very easy to search, and I found the information perfect in the ares we were using it (Atenas, Grecia, Heredia, and the airport).

I'm still going to try and get the Garmin working since the car we're shipping down doesn't come with GPS, and I've already invested in it, but I have feeling we're just going to use our phones!

Waze is owned by Google and Google Maps even shows accidents reported in Waze. IMO, Google Maps is a much better app and I would use it over Waze, anyday.  I find the travel times accurate, even in Costa Rica.

Thanks for that, thewizz. I downloaded Waze; I'll download Google Maps. And a student told me that there is a Spanish language app I can download to the phone. I have a little phrase book called "Costa Rica Phrase Book," CDs, and, so....I better get cracking.

Absolutely cancel GPS. Waze is way better!

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