I'm looking for meet new friends😊

Hello, everyone.
I've lived in Sweden malmö for about 4 years.
And I work full time at restaurant. I haven't met new people  (I had close friend but they left sweden) a year.
I would like meet new friends who can hang out together to talk, to do something, fika (drink coffee) any nationality at least we can communicate each other.

I'm come from Japan and I married.
I can speak japanese, English,  Swedish.
If anyone interested to learn Japanese I would help as well.
I'm looking for friends who live in malmö or lund👍 If anyone interested to meet me, just contact me😊 I'm really excited to meet new friends in here.

Hi  :)  I have 2 months in Malmo and I am learning English, I would love to meet people to make a social life and practice my English.  :top:

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