Chinese Wines under 200 kuai (RMB)

Being in China I determined to drink mostly Chinese wines until I know their basics. There are none available in my home country. Much more expensive European wines are coming into vogue at Chinese dinner parties, mostly basic Bordeaux AOC, and I found there are reasonably priced Chinese wines that compare well. There are also apparent fake French wine (suspected by taste and label gaffes).

My experience with Chinese wine is generally good. However, sometimes the same bottle in different shops can be different (possibly transport and storage positions and lengths and temp. conditions?). The vintage year is in fine font along with other coded info on the neck of the bottle, its rarely on the label. Sometimes a 2016 and a 2013 bottle can be stocked side-by-side at the same price.

One of the unexpected highlights is from Great Wall, a 2016 Pengli County, Shandong Province white wine (bai putao jiu) of the "3S" series (around 65 RMB at Tesco). See label pic on Great wall website.

Any other aficionados who care to give experience of Chinese wines under 200 kuai RMB that are currently readily available in Chinese stores?

why not try Chinese white wine, :proud  there're so many options under 200RMB, lot options in supermarket, er guo tou,niu lan shan

I'm currently in the United States but since I have been in China so many times in the past that I'm thinking of moving back there permanently.  I have 2 Masters degrees... my MBA and Masters in Educational Leadership. 

Now I have a 2 part question that I ask any members to hopefully reply back to:

1. Given the brief information about my 2 Masters' degrees, what job types do you feel I would be best fitted for?
2, Since I'm seriously thinking of working in China and I am single, what suggestions do you have for my finding a serious relationship or marriage?  A Chinese dating site? Posting ads in local newspapers, using this site?... please... any information would be greatly appreciated and helpful.


I think for work,except the degree, it depends on your career plan, interests, and most important your work experience. Maybe you can look on international schools for management work.

well relationship, when you settle down in China, sure you'll have new friends,colleagues,there's chance that you can meet The One,dating site is an option,you can also try to attend some communities

from my experience there's no such thing as a non serious relationship with a chinese girl :) you will meet lots of them just being out and about, no need for a dating site :)

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