Cost of living in Dominican Republic - 2017

To Jamesj24, I have been to PR many times both on business and on vacation.  What you see in the media, in pictures is not all of the picture!  Puerto Rico is a country on the edge of bankruptcy and the people that live there realize it. A high percentage of their medical professionals are moving to the States because they cannot get properly paid for their services. Do not take me wrong, PR is a beautiful and vibrant country, but it has issues just like anywhere else. As far as crime goes, any time that you have society, you will have crime. In my years of travel around the globe, crime is everywhere.  But again do not take me wrong, if you are concerned with crime to the degree that it keeps you from making a sound decision, then so be it. But live well and be aware of your surroundings and culture and you will be alright.


Gls well said

Bob K

This is a useful tool for people to use who have cost of living questions as you can make comparisons. Not perfect but good.

Nice link. I am not sure I agree with all the prices but most seem reasonable. It further reinforces my point that we live here for about 40%  less than we did in Denver.


Yeah i agree.

What area are u in?

Is who in???
Me I am between Sosua and Cabarete

Bob K

Is there any golf courses? Motorcycles and AA??

Lots of golf courses and no to AA.

And welcome to the forums joe!

I live in Dominican republic, and actually the minimum salary is 90 us Dollar.
It is 4000 pesos, and only the people that working on government get up to 1000 us dollars per month.

Yes it is really expensive if you do not know where to buy things.
You can save many money, if you buy things from the street, but if you are not from the country they will double or triple the money just to fool you.

Like the coffee is 220 pesos now for 2 pounds,  and that is not even a kilo
In Sweden it would cost me 150 pesos for one kilo coffee and strange,
They make the coffee here and have no need for import the beans.

The milk is very expensive if you go and buy in the market.
Best is go to the source, and you can buy it for 100 pesos for one gallon.

The beer is expensive too, cost about 30% more than in Sweden.
Everything is expensive if you buy from the market store..

Go to the source, you can go to the people that sell to the markets and save a lot of money, up to 30% to 50% of the retail prices.

Welcome to the forum.  Where are you living.
I do question some of your pricing.
Relying on local products we do live here for about 40% less than in the US

Bob K

I live in Mao, Valverde...

Actually the prices are compared to Sweden, there i lived before.

2 years now

And you can buy 2.5 pounds of coffee for $2US approximately ????

Bob K

No about 3 Us dollar, is like 28 kr
One dollar is like 47 pesos now
It depends of the brand, the most cheapest cost about that then you have more better quality and it cost 200 to 250 pesos in Sweden

And the most expensive country in the world 2 pounds of coffee cost 60 kr
Is like 7.5 dollars 352 pesos for 2 pounds , and that is in Norway. I have lived there too.

Ok how do I import the coffee at $3 for a kilo (2.54 pounds)???? :)

Bob K

Well, they import millions of pounds everyday, that why they get a good price

Coffee is 204 rd a pound. And that needs to be compared to good quality coffee.

Minimum wage is NOT 90 US. It is not 4,000 rd. It is based on size of the business and starts closer to 9,000 rd. The underground job market is another story.

Some and many gov't positions pay badly and many many of them pay very well.

Prices are not double or triple at the stores just because you are an expat. Thats a load of hogwash.

Yes, some places will elevate prices on tourist items, furniture, vehicles. Double.or triple, hell no.

Hi, actually the santo domingo coffee is 220 rd here in mao,
We have noticed that if we go to santiago we can find some things cheaper.

Here in mao, the most get 4000 rd in salary,
The security men, get about 7000 rd.

The police was getting 5000 rd but changed in juni this year to 15000 rd.
The teachers get about 40 000 rd.

These are the facts in Mao city..

Well, many times a week when i going to buy, they make the prices higher,
Not the big stores but small markets, or corner markets they want to make higher price for me.
But i already know the prices.
Therefore i never go buying alone, i bring my wife that is Dominican then we always get the real prices.

I assume you are talking about weekly salaries. Mostly when we discuss salaries we are talking monthly
Bob K

No monthly salaries , actually it is minimum 4000 rd the government says to private sector and many companies that is not registered use that and kick them out before 6 month after that they must pay more and pay double pay in December.  There is many companies that is not registered, they do not pay tax.. about 20 % of the companies are registered.
My wife works as a teacher in private sector.. her salary is 4000 rd a month.
If teacher works in government they get 40 000 rd a month.

Actually the workers that build houses they can get 500 to  700rd a day..

Okay this is FULL of incorrect information. 

Minimum salary is not 4,000 it is over 8,000 and goes up with size of business.   SO likely they are saying they earn 4,000 a pay -  meaning 2 times a month. OR do not work a full time position.

The timing is 89 days, they work 89 days then they are let go on or before that time. At day 90 companies are responsible to pay liquidation and that includes  Christmas  extra or 13th paycheck. IT is prorated for portions of one year if less than full year. 

Yes there are companies not registered.  It is not 80% that are NOT registered.   That is completely false.   If your wife works for the private sector full time as a teacher and makes 4,000 RD a month then she should report them.  It is completely illegal. 

Government teachers - MOST do not make 40,000 a month.  Hardly any make that kind of money. 

I am very very  well versed on the labor law and the realities of it here.

Planner thank you.  I hate it when people just spout Bull Shit with out any knowledge of what they are talking about.
Bob K

It makes me nuts too Bob!

There is so much going on that is unbelievable and true. We dont need to spread false info.

And I understand that sometimes people dont really know its false! Dont believe everything you are told!  Confirm, ask questions and do research! 

This is a great place to ask.

Okay, that is full of not knowing ;)

I have proof.. my wife works in private school and get 4000 rd a month.
Her sister works in government school and she gets over 40000 rd a month.

One friend works as security and gets 7000 rd a month.

You do not know really the salary here..
Nobody here gets 9000 a month, as start.
Minimum salary starts from 4000 rd a month on private business.

Only big business like Claro pays well and private banks.
Have one friend that is boss here in one bank, she gets 20 000 rd a month.

Well, everyone get paid once a month. Do you really live here?
I have lived here 2 years and have many business and worked as account manager before i come here. So i did my research before i started all of my business.
Well, if i have even prof you will not accept it so this is my last post on this threat.
Because 2 of you are aggressive, and would not ask nice. Over and out.

Hahahahaha   14 years here RUNNING COMPANIES,  managing the  human resources etc.  YES I LIVE HERE. I have lived in various places in this country as well!  So my experience is first hand actually working, actually paying people.

It seems you have a very limited knowledge base.

We are not aggressive we are factual.   Bob has  12 years here both in business and now semi retired. 

As you say, over and out!   :)

I work in a small private company....the worst paid jobs washing buses make 9500 a month. I live in a very small town and unless someone is working part time I have NEVER heard of someone making 4000 a month. It's sad to see so much misinformation.

Adios mi amore

Bob K

What does that mean ?
Goodbye before I even get started??

No Lisa that was directed to Esa_M  who is posting lots of miss information

Bob K

Hello everyone is it possible to live on 2700 a month for my wife and myself? Also if anyone has info on health insurance or costs thanks for your help.

Absolutely  possible and probable. It all depends on your standard of living and needs.  I will message you privately about medical insurance.

Oh ok thank you so much for your help

Oh ok thank you so much for your help

Being lazy Bob - and a quick question - looking for nice cheap place (hotel) in yur area. Thinking of a two or three night wedding getaway around 16 -18 Mar. Been to Cabarete near Jeans Market, wondering about closer to or in Sousa

Hi everyone I am considering moving to Sosau but have not been there yet. I would like to come for the month of may and wanted to see if it is possible to rent an inexpensive apt for a month. Dont need on the beach and if I going to live there was hoping to find something for $300 or less and if things work out possibly just stay.

thanks for any ideas

There is a Facebook site called Everything Sosua For Sale, Specials, Questions, Misc.

There are always apartments for rent. You should check it out.

At that price and time of year it should be easy to get one in Sosua.

planner :

Well that adds some perspective.  I budget yesterday so will add it in pesos

I live in a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom furnished apt 5 minutes from the beach with ocean views and security

Rent 15,500
Internet/ph/cable 3,000
Electricity 1900
Health insurance 2,300
Food  8,000
Entertainment 4,000
Gas 2,000
Hair/nails etc 1,500
Gym  1,000
Cell phone 1,030

I live very comfortably, these expenses include, eating whatever I want pretty much.  Total cost about US 800 or so.

Hi Planner, would you be able to reach out to me via private message about the sector in the North Coast where you would find a place to rent for that amount?  Thanks in advance !

Just about anywhere along the North coast you could, with patience & actually being here find what you desire. I have a 1 bdrm, 1 bath apt, but with slightly different expenses, live well on the same amount. A higher amount just adds things like a car,travel etc.  Being frugal is OK, but a few bucks more is giving you more options. Come & visit to see for yourself.

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