Can i move to Israel?? Please!

hi there,
my name is Clare. I am a Physiotherapist from England and am interested in moving to Israel. I have an israeli boyfriend who needs to stay there to study. After a hard year of seeing eachother for a week here and there with months apart in between, we want to commit to a life in the same country!

As i am not jewish, i believe there is a possibility i could work in Israel but when i contacted the israeli embassy in london i was told id need a promise of a job there first before i could apply for the permit. This will prove hard as i am living in england currently.....How long is the visa application process for someone who is not Jewish?
I also do not speak much hebrew but of course would want to learn as much as is possible!

Does anyone share my situation or have any information on processes for even being considered for a job when i am not in the country (and dont speak the native language)?
I am highly skilled and willing to try whatever job to make myself useful and have a chance of establishing a life in Israel.

Any help would be so greatly appreciated, we really do not want to have to end our relationship :(

Thanks for your time


I haven't been in this situation myself, but it seems quite common for Israelis to bring boyfriends/girlfriends from abroad. Of course, it would not be a problem at all, if the two are married. Nevertheless, Israel recognizes established couples as "a couple known in society", which gives the couple rights nearly equal to those of a married couple. In particular, the non-Israeli partner may get a temporary residence permit and be allowed to work.

I am not sure what is the formal procedure - I only know that it involves proving that the couple is indeed a couple, such as showing photos together, testimonies of common friends, proof that the two live together etc. But apparently this is doable, since I have met quite a few people who have done this.

Of course, if the two of you were legally married (not necessarily according to the Jewish tradition) this would solve most problems.

I hope this was helpful.

thanks so much for your advice, its copmforting to know others have managed it in our situation. now i just need to find out the process for applying. i think i may need to go on a tourist visa, attempt to find a job and go from there.....

if anyone knows any more id really appreciate it

I think going with a tourist visa is a good idea. I don't think however that you will be allowed to work legally on a tourist visa.

Things in Israel are done in a somewhat less formal way than in US/Europe... or at least differently, so it may be easier to solve problems when you are already here. You may want to join a Hebrew class at some University, where most likely there will be people who are in a similar situation.

There are also language courses for the new immigrants - they are much better in terms of learning Hebrew, but you are less likely to meet there people in the circumstances similar to yours.

Good luck!

Yes you can!
First you can stay here with a tourist visa, and then your boyfriend and yourself can get an extended visa at the ministry of Internal affairs. IT's a but of a bureaucratic procedure but I know of a few ppl that had it done.

But if you're here with a tourist visa, you can't officially work.

I think the tourist visa is also limited to three months. After that one may have to leave the country. Overstaying the via may have unpleasant consequences in future.

True... 3 months for a tourist visa.

I'm in a similar situation (without the boyfriend element) and although I'm part Israeli I'm not Jewish and have been told this would make me moving there difficult.

I've also been told that getting a job before moving over there is near impossible as is getting a work visa :S

I speak some basic Hebrew and am learning more.

Professionally I'm a charity fundraiser and amatuer photographer.

Has anyone got any advice?

Thanks/toda for anything anyone can tell me :)

Finally,  Clare, if you want to chat to someone in a similar position or just to vent then feel free to message me. All the best of luck!


Hi Cariad and Clare, did you get to Israel? did you find work? how was it, as I am wanting to make the move to Israel and looking for work is near impossible if your not already there. I am native English speaker with no hebrew. Please let me know as I don't really know if its best just to go there and look for work and how easy is it to get the work permit.

Look forward to your replies.


Hi everyone, sorry for the late reply i wasnt aware that people had been replying!
As an update - i went to israel for just over 2 months on the tourist VISA. during that time my boyfriend got his german passport through (dual citizenship) and as it would be so hard for me to work without speaking hebrew, we both moved back here to england. Now the tables have turned and although i have a job my boyfriend is struggling massivly with the culture changes and trying to get decent work. its almost like if youre not english you need to get someone to just cut you a break and sort you a job to get started - even that is very hard to find!
for those asking how it was in israel, i absolutly loved it as im sure all you do too. i feel however my disadvantages are mostly not speaking hebrew and not being jewish. id say if anyone has either of those things they have a better chance that i would have had out there.
when i spoke to the israeli embassy in england they told me that you need to be offered a job before you can consider applying for a permit - problem there being who will offer someone a job when they may not be able to do it?! its a hard situation but i believe if you want it enough and learn some hebrew, soemthing will come up for you. 3 months is a good amount of time to spend there on a tourist visa, test the waters and see what liklihood you may have of getting work. its a hard situation, i know my boyfriend is dealing with it here now, having to approach people in a new country using a system and language that is unfarmiliar.
i really wish you all the best and if you have success or find out anymore please let me know.
also - if anyone wants to give a job to a hard working Israeli guy - contact me and il send over a CV! (worth a try hey...)
take care everyone x

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