expat groups in italy

hello I'm just wondering if there are expat groups in Italian cities(I'm looking primarily at Rome)that assist newcomers with the assimilation process,advice regarding employment and lodging,general everyday issues etc. Thanks.

Might want to check Facebook -

There is a Facebook group called "Brits and Other English Mother Tongue Expats in Italy." Many of the participants live in and around Rome.  It is a very friendly group and I am sure they can answer many of your questions regarding life in Rome.

Would there be similar groups for expats in sicily?

Yes, it's called "Expats Living in Sicily."

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How do I find groups, is there a search? I'm looking for expats in Salerno x

At the top of your Facebook page is a search box.  You can put in a number of different things in attempt to find specific groups.  If you can't find a group specific to your area, many of the Facebook groups in Italy include members who live all over the country; you can post where you live to see if there are others in your area, ask questions, etc.  You can search for "expats in Italy," "foreigners in Italy," etc. and see if you can come up with something. Lots of groups!


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