Female travel group - Abqaiq to Al Ahsa

Hello to you all!

I hope you're doing well and are all in good health.

I'd like to join a travelling group (if there's one available) from Abqaiq to Al Ahsa during weekdays. I would also be interested in starting a group if there are other women here who are in the same boat as me and don't want to travel alone.

Let's get talking!

hi, i will come to dammam in a few weeks for teaching, i like travelling and would be interested in a women travelling group.

Please take note some quickly banned males try to attract women by posting on ladies' only threads, also commonly using the PM system.
Please only share contact details in private and take care to make sure the first real life meetings are in very public places.

I would also be interested. I will just keep following this thread.

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