Foreigners living in Morocco

Hi all,

My first topic in here :)

Well well, I m a Moroccan married to a Lebanese and currently in Lebanon for a short period just to adjust some docs for my Daughter.

but we will be relocating to Morocco by April and was wondering if any of you can help me to share his experience in getting his residency card in Morocco?
what docs he was asked to provide.

Lebanese: was it easy to find a job in Morocco and specially English speakers are you facing any particular issues ??

I would love to hear your inputs and experiment as I have been away for the last 10years and definitely there is a lot of new things for me so I don't want to act as his perfect guide..
I was trying to call the Moroccan embassy here to get some info before visiting.. but :( no response every time

thank you all in advance.

Hello Laila

Regarding residency for your husband they will probably grant providing you have a way to support yourselves such as pension, business, job or savings. In savings I think it is around £3000 as a rule of thumb for a year.

They do have a law saying foreigners can't take a job Moroccans can do.

If you don't manage to get the residency, day for not having work, then you have to leave morocco and renter every three months. My friend did this for a year, day trip to Gibraltar and another place too

Thank you GoldKhalifa,

I m planning to find a job as soon as I arrive there, plus we do have a little of savings that we will have it in our bank account would that be enough to provide?

do you have an idea if he ll be able to get the carte de sejour it ll be valid for how long?

Appreciated your reply :)

Yes I think that will be fine.

you might have to register your marriage and get the family book ( I'm just guessing this maybe someone else can say for sure)

From people have said they give you 1 year the first time, then either another year or 5 or 10. It seems it is the Officers decision rather than a set of criteria to meet but I think you will be fine inshallah

Thank you Sooooo Much for your input.

this is really helpful I m more of confident now about the idea of settling there.


No problem. My wife is Moroccan and someone  Suggested that she should get her residency card registered as living morocco first (it's registered in U.K. ) and that make it easier for me , being a foreigner but I don't think it's needed. Let us know how you get on. Bureaucracy of official departments in Morrocco is always slow work to get completed but it's just a different system - I guess you are familiar with it anyway

Well I m registered in Dubai as I was living there.

So I guess I have to go and change it anyway..

Will definitely do keep you guys here updated if any future queries of a similar situation :)

Thank you again for all the helpful info

Hey laila ,
The papers that you gonna need are
1- copy of his passport include the date of his entrance to morocco
2- marriage's certificate
3- islam's certificate
4-  bank statement of your hsuband  6 months
- Certificate of habitation
5- 9 photographs
6-  fees 100dhs

And i think if ur husband got job in morocco that will help him also if not then he might show that he has an intention to do business there
But i guess i heard lately that thy cancel the condition of work and buissness

All this from far it looks hard but I think of you actually go and do it you well be expert at it good luck everyone.

Add to that list a medical certificate from a Moroccan doctor (about 100 DH)
Police certificate to say he has not been in any trouble, can be applied for online.
Some forms have to be filled in by the local police.

You will be able to apply for a family visa (if you still have a Moroccan passport), if granted and they normally are. The first two are normally for a year each, after that 5 years.

Its quite easy to apply and just a lot of running round, go to the local police and ask them what you need, we found your police to be really helpful.

How costly  is to get a Visa for a Moroccan immigrant to go to another country.  Thank you for your help


It depends which other country.  They all have different cost, usually on the consulate or embassy website

Thank u so much for the answer..the country to get visa is Costa Rica, what will he need besides the money  for it?

It all depends. Again, best to check their website.  Fir the US, for example, you need to fill out a lengthy application online, then make an appoiyat the consulate, then show up with photos, and the receipt for the cost, ID of course, and then get in to your 25-second appointment.  Not easy to get approval either.

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