What is it like to be an expatriat woman in Saudi Arabia?

Hello everyone, I'm willing to relocate in Saudi rabia , and I was wondering about all these social normes that have to followed ,
Was it that hard for you to integrate the saudi society?
Would you like to share you experiences ( good & bad ones) with me ? I would be thankful

great first post marwans.....seems like you're the possessive type that doesn't want the OP to leave the home country...and on what basis are you recommending OP not to come to Saudi?

Hello po...if your message was stated to me...i can say that maybe i will not stay in that place...coz i dont know about the country you said Tunisia... and i stayed here in Saudi for more than 3 years now and thamks God that "HE" always there for me to guided me and send me to this goid people that i am working now.but anyway thanks for your offer...and maybe after this i will check sbout the Country of Tunisia.
Thanks again and have a good night.

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