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Dear All,

I have been working in Oman for the past two years, now I have a question to raise.

In my appointment letter, regarding my Leave, it  is mentioned as follows...

"Annual Leave with 30 days paid Leave with Economic Class Ticket to Home Town Once in Two Years and thereafter every year".

Now, what confuses is me is that, Am I eligible for a leave of 30 days ONLY after completing 2 years or
whether can I take a leave of 30 days ONCE in 2 years.

Please help..


"Annual Leave with 30 days paid Leave with Economic Class Ticket to Home Town Once in Two Years and thereafter every year".

It doesn't say after completing two years, it says ONCE in Two Years  ;)

It would depend upon your sponsor mainly how he wants to take the sentence. But generally it might be after completing 2 years.

Hi everyone
    I am an expat for Nepal. I am bit Confused  almost with everything in Oman especially its labour law. I am about to complete my 11 months in Oman and thinking of trying for a vacation. My question is  that will there be any complications if the employer is willing. In that case what can I do . I have more questions but one at a  time.

Hi Urthen,

I am not going to try to answer, for or against, your angst.

However, regarding your vacation, I do not see any reason for confusion.

Simply go by what has been agreed between you and your employer stated in your official employment contract and the offer letter prior to that.

What has been agreed and signed between you two would be valid. So where is the question of any confusion ?

Thank you so much for your suggestion. To be clear I was hired from Nepal and the offer letter here and there doesn't seem to match  And contract I signed here is bit different and I don't have a copy of it .There is mentioned annual leave after completion of 12 months in my company's contract but  as  per the Omani law 6 months of completion means your are eligible to go vacation . Clause from the labour law  and points from my contract is different. My question is the difference is it ok?

Hi Urthen,

Yes, as per Omani Labour Laws any employee who has completed 6-months of continuous employment is eligible to take 15-days leave.

What the labour law says and what is the arrangement between you and your employer are two entirely different issues.

So you have to go by what your employment contract specifies, in the absence of which, what your employer says.

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