Swimming in Kuwait

Good morning all,

I have just arrived in Kuwait and I am looking for a swimming club to join. I know the Elite club used to hold a Masters evening which would have been ideal, but they tell me they have postponed their evenings until further notice.

Last night I went along to the SwimAmerica group but this is really for adults learning how to swim.

There are a couple of Olympic-sized pools here in Kuwait which would be amazing to train in but no one seems to have a club for adults.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Hi ! How about Cor niche Club


Do you know if they have a swimming club or group of swimmers that meet regularly?


Hi Pablo, I am long distance swimmer ( Ironman tri ) and when weather becomes better for sure we will do long sessions in the sea, in case interested.

Regarding clubs accepting non-kuwaities I am not really sure about it , but ask for it in the facebook page TriQ8   ;)

Hi Tito,

Thank you for your reply. I am also an open water swimmer and would love to join you!

I will check out the page.


Hello all,

I would love to join a group which plans to go for swimming in any part of Kuwait.   I would love to get in touch with people who likes to go swimming in the sea or at clubs ...

Please get in touch with me via WhatsApp or Viber .. mobile 55513717



Since you are new to Kuwait, just go for a walk anywhere between Kuwait Towers and the Refinery in Fahaheel, then only you  can make up your own mind whether you want to really swim in that... thing.

Just to give you a heads up and know exactly what no one else will tell you, just have a look at this.

27th April 2017

05/05/2017 … fish-kill/ … 9470625310

You can always try Khiran, but there is still a city sized Heavy Fuel Oil Power station spewing megatons of smoke on a brand new development,  Not sure you want to do LD swimming with that just 1 km away.. But this is how it looked last week: … 22!5m1!1e1 … 52!5m1!1e1

Alternatively, good luck in finding a space between Fahaheel and the Saudi Border.

I hope this helps
Good Luck

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