Norte-americano ..explicando porque odiou o Brasil

Sardinia is a nice island Steve. I was there because the US Navy has a submarine operating base in that locale. Rich people live there and I´m afraid the cost of living has gotten high.


Well, keep on going on,  Enjoy it

I don't know I was checking Sardinia online extensively , accomadation seems seems cheap than brazil these days

Also I forgot, I spent 2 months in Thailand as well

I just remembered that the US Navy´s Nuclear Submarine Support facility was closed January of 2008 after 35 years of presence there for submarines in theaters of operation for the Middle East, North Africa and of course Europe. That military reshuffle was during the time of Defense Secrerary Rumsfeld.

Sardinia turned into a major holiday spot as you can see: … ian-places

If you are close to the area you might as well consider Madeira and the other Azores
islands in Portugal. … 36394.html


Where did you go in Thailand?

I visited Thailand 4 years ago. I liked the Pattaya Floating Market. One interesting place I went through was Chiang Mai, a mountainous place about 430miles north of Bangkok.

Very good food especially if you like the spicy ones. Beautiful women!


Hey Chief!
Hope you`re doing great. I`m sorry too for letting that drag out as it did. It`s no biggie, there`ll always be difference of opinions. And we can all get along for sure.
Have a great day sir, and be safe in Brazil.

Robal and Craig, cheers! … map=%5B%5D

I have actually seen this list a few times and wanted to weigh in. I know the topic is a bit old but I did find some of the criticisms interesting. Some were very valid while others I felt were very naive and that he was too demanding to expect such things.

I agree with number 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 20, 21, 23, 25, 28, 29, 30, 32, 33, 35, 36, 37

So 25/39. I especially agree with 20, the way that bus drivers here drive is absolutely frightening. #29 as well is very true and very frustrating

But I also took issue with a few things on the list.

"34 – Zero respeito aos pedestres. Sim, eles não param para você passar. Na melhor das hipóteses, eles vão buzinar."

Really? I've had way more people, even in Sao Paulo, let me cross the street here than in Toronto! What city did this guy live in???

"31 – As pessoas vão apertar e empurrar você sem pedir desculpas. No transporte público você vai tão apertado que você é incapaz de mover qualquer coisa, além da sua cabeça."

Squeeze you in and push you, yes. But 99.9% of people who have jostled me or stepped on my shoes has apologized for doing so.

"19 – E, finalmente, os brasileiros só tem um tipo de cerveja (aguada) e realmente é uma porcaria, e claro, cervejas importadas são extremamente caras"

I read somewhere else that this guy is American. However, that can't be true if he is criticzing Brazilian beer, considering the urine that most Americans drink and call beer.

"7 – Os brasileiros são muito expressivos de suas opiniões negativas a respeito de outras pessoas, com total desrespeito sobre a possibilidade de ferir os sentimentos de alguém."

I also strongly disagree with this. I actually find it rather annoying that Brazilian's are indirect. They would rather speak about someone behind their back than hurt their feelings. If you're being an ass, an American will probably tell you. A Brazilian will wait until you have left the room and then whisper about it.

"1 – Os brasileiros não têm consideração com as pessoas fora do seu círculo de amizades e muitas vezes são simplesmente rudes. Por exemplo, um vizinho que toca música alta durante toda a noite… E mesmo se você vá pedir-lhe educadamente para abaixar o volume, ele diz-lhe para você ir se fu… E educação básica? Um simples “desculpe-me”, quando alguém esbarra com tudo em você na rua simplesmente não existe."

I half agree with this. The first part is true. If you are not family or a friend, Brazilians really do not care if their loud music is bothering you or if they are violating your personal space. Not out of a malicious place necessarily, but they certainly don't take you into consideration. But I think if you were to actually go and ask them to turn it down, 99% would oblige. If someone were to bump into you in the street, 99% would apologize. Again, I ask, WHERE IS THIS GUY FROM???? Americans definitely don't hold doors or say please and thank you as much as they should.

I am pretty critical of Brazil, and while Brazil deserves much of its criticism, it doesnt deserve ALL of it. Some of the things on this list are simply not true. I thought after my criticisms, I would defend Brazil a little bit.

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