Labor and social reintegration of quadriplegic.

My name is Miguel Guerrero, I am 42 years old from Rancagua de Chile. I am a Industrial Electrician with a degree in Electromechanics and Electrical Instrumentation in continuous processes with an average English language level over 20 years of experience. For an accident that I had in 2008, I was quadriplegic in which I had reduced mobility, a cervical spinal cord injury between vertebrates c5 and c6 and I worked from home. At the moment I live with my father, but I really look for new horizons to have a better quality of life where my rights are valued both personally and professionally and I am also a person of good principles, educated, honest, sincere, I like to enjoy the Life the nature, to share with the other people and grateful of the life since after an accident that I had I was born again !!

I admire your skill and determination to get ahead despite your disability.

However, to get into Australia would be virtually impossible on medical grounds.

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