Expat with House construction experience

Greetings Fellow expats!

I have just purchased some land in the Tien Giang Province (1.5 hrs outside HCM) its land that belonged to a member of my Wife's family..its land that is for building and not farming. I have architect drawings already produced of the dwelling that I want to have built. I will be using local labour of course for the construction, however, I would like to have an expat on-site that as experience in PM, construction, good leadership skills and time on his hands and looking for a job for 5-6months to oversee the daily construction activities with a direct line of reporting to will have a translator with you.

Please message me if you are interested in the first instance and then we can talk about remuneration, travel arrangements to and from worksite or accommodation in the area is also an option etc..

I sent you a PM. Let me know if there is anything I can help with. No pay required.

check pm.

I am interested to care of project management, auditing and reporting to you.

Thanks for the replies...but I now have this sorted...

A couple of things you should consider, use ready mix concrete for construction, not hand mixed. If you can,put some insulation in the roof, it's available here as I have seen it. I would also try and make a rebated slab for the brickwork and use a damp course in the rebate. Good luck dealing with the local contractors  :)

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