difficulty to find a job in Malaysia for a fresh grad foreigner

Assalam Alykoum

I think this type of topics is not new here. I have seen many people with (Experience) are facing problems getting a job in Malaysia.

I am from Libya, I have been in Malaysia for more than 4 years.

I am graduating from APU university ( APIIT ) in Business Information system
. I have been applying for a job since 3 months.
I have not got responses even though I only apply for companies that want fresh grads,

The problem is that I get no response even (Rejection ). They just keep you waiting.

PS: sites like ( jobstreet m Skootjobs.) I have been applying on.

I need your help how do I get a job that offers work permit for foreigners.


Regards :)

Most foreigners get jobs through wird of mouth. You have to network a bit to find a company willing to get you a work permit. Its tough bro.


Thanks for your comment ,
you are right . but That is surely unfair for skilled poeple who are looking for a job .
If i do not have a good connection , that means I can't find a job even though i've got excellent skills which the company is looking for !! ? sometimes it just makes you feel bad .

anyways , hopfully i get the "Network" in here lol :D ..


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Keep in mind that many local graduates can't find work, and companies are morally and legally required to hire local graduates before considering foreign workers. Recently there was an article (and it's true because I know a number of faculty affected) that none of the foreign faculty teaching a public universities are being renewed. These are PhD's in most cases, often with years of teaching and sometimes practical experience being let go because they're not local. And I don't feel it's unfair for companies to favor local workers over non-locals, but that's an opinion that isn't shared by everyone.

But it's the case today - Malaysia has made it clear that non-Malaysians are only welcome to work and live here if and only if there are not local workers that can do the job or you have something to offer that's unique. A fresh graduate from a local university would NOT fit into that category, there's lots of fresh local graduates looking for a job.

So I would keep an open mind regarding the possibility that you won't find work locally, it's getting harder and harder. Not impossible, but not like 10-20 years ago where a college degree would almost ensure either a local or non-local a job offer.

Absolutely agree with iskanderhack. A country will and should protect its citizens. I think local companies and institutions will prefer locals. exceptions could be international companies, especially mdec companies, might look at international candidates but will solid experience and skills. Fresh foreign graduates would find it tough, if not impossible.

Hi bro,

Oh ya I understand you brother! there is not only you in a such situation but almost every international especially fresh graduate. My advise do not waste your time here searching for a job coz according to Malaysian government they stopped giving work permits for foreigners especially foreign fresh graduates coz it is costly and in this economic downturn they keep on hiring their own freshers which cost them nothing and cheaper too.

Here you can get jobs like call centers and only if you speak other languages except English but payment is around 2000-2700 initial which is not worthy to stay here and waste your time.

So, yeah you better try some other advanced countries perhaps where the smell of nationalism not on the race basis but pure talent and knowledge.

All the best!

Exactly. Malaysia is NOT like middle eastern countries where the workforce is predominantly foreigners.

Salaam Alaykum Mr Nuradeen.

I'm doing a business in selling Internet broadband services ie Unifi (Telekom Malaysia product).
I'm looking for the agent which can find a customer. Payment based on the commission for every customer that you get and also on very unifi line installed an activated.

I'm also doing a translation services in languages of malay, indonesian, french, english, arabic, farsi, mandarin. If you can find a customer for translation of that language. We can share the revenue.

If you interested on that offer you can reply to me.


And how would you get a work permit for an expat?

Quite true - only legal entities with the required financial status and an approved quota to hire foreigners, can offer an employment pass.

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