Pet friendly long term rental property wanted

Apologies if this post is in the wrong place.  I have tried unsuccessfully to post in the "Housing" section which seems geared to those with properties to let rather than hopeful tenants.

Greetings to all,
My hubby and I  (+ our well behaved pets - 2 dogs & 1 cat) are hoping to move to the Murcia region of Spain at the beginning of May and we will be in the region from 5th April for a couple of weeks of house hunting.  We hope to find a long term rental property for a few years (a 1 year contract renewable annually would be ideal).

The trouble is, it is proving very difficult to find countryside properties with a garden for long term rent on-line.  And, very difficult to find agencies that deal with this sort of property.  There are only a few and, on the rare occasion they reply  it is usually to say that pets are not allowed.
I am hoping someone on this forum may be  able to help us out with the names of some local estate agents in the Murcia region who deal with long term rental properties because my internet searches are failing miserably!
     (Our pets will not cause any problems and we can provide very good references).

Thanks for reading & here's hoping!
Any help/advice will be very much appreciated.


I feel your pain. We had the worst time trying to find a rental that would allow dogs in Malaga and l'm pretty sure it contributed to our ultimate dislike for the city and why we left after 7 months for Seville and a suburb. Your best bet is to rent through AirBnB and search for a property that allows pets. That has saved us in Malta and Spain alike.  Stay there till you can search further. Include terrace in your search as some are big enough for the dogs and might have artificial grass already. Then contact and see if they allow dogs. It's not easy. The agents will practically hang up the phone when you mention dogs, yet you see everyone with dogs. I don't get it ;-) . The worst part is that my dogs are more well behaved than most kids! :-) ;-) :-)

Thanks for the advice Kem Kem.  And for making me smile -  my dogs are better behaved than most kids too! And they're not at all destructive, unlike kids who can trash a place in minutes!  And yet, there are very few rental properties that ban children.  As they say in the North of England, "There's nowt as queer as folk".

Sorry for the late reply :-) . Our search continues also in Valencia. I was going to add that it might be worth taking out an ad yourself on the free milanucios website. We were contacted by 2 agents who are now actively helping us find a place. The more the merrier..lots of luck and hope you find or have found something :-).

Hi.if you are still looking I have a wonderful place just made for murcia.a village but very close to everything. Let me know..****...

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Doglover7 :

Hi.if you are still looking I have a wonderful place just made for murcia.a village but very close to everything. Let me know..****...


I know this post is possibly closed now but I am coming to Murcia region more near los urrutias I have one dog and one cat does anyone have any good contacts for 6 month rentals?

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