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Dear All,

Does anyone from forum members work in a company where Turkish language is not an immediate requirement? Or can anyone suggest companies that recruit people who speak English, Arabic and Russian (all fluent)?

Where does one go to try and get a job? I have been applying on websites but only get automatic replies back. How long does it take on average to get a job in Istanbul.



as i said before, i have abilities to speak two languages apparently english and russian.Frankly speaking,i'm seeking for job such as administration or does not matter

first and foremost,hello everyone i kindly would like to go in turkey for working and just now seeking such kind of opportunities.thanks before i appreciate your helps

Well do I have some good news for you.  Go look up TRT Worlds website, they are quite in need of foreigners who speak English, and you speaking those other two languages are gold. 
TRT World is an entirely English speaking international media outlet and you sound like a lot of what they are looking for.  Aside from them, you need to get a bit more creative and search for more international companies here.  Also Embassies always prefer English speakers. 

I actually know people at TRT World and am waiting for them to call me back, their pay is...like amazing. 

If you were Muslim there are a lot of international Islamic organizations here who only speak English/Arabic, and thats the only things I know of. 

You could also try Kızılay (the Turkish Red Cross), you should also reach out to any company working with refugees so you can use your English/Arabic skills.

Anyway Maksym if I hear of anything I will let you know.  Im not entirely sure what your CV holds because what you studied can affect what sort of jobs you want.

If anyone else is reading this and they do NOT live in Turkey.  Please do not bother all these companies I mentioned.  They do not even consider hiring anyone unless they actually live in Turkey. The chance they look at your CV if you don't even live here is close to 0%.

PM me with your email and I will send you my CV


I also know english and russian . Can anyone help me to find a job in Istanbul

Hello ,I remove in to Istanbul  in September I'm working in fabric but searching again other work ,I can speak English, Russian, Georgian and also little Turkish so if you will drop me the emails of those companies I'll be glad ,thanks 
with  regards

Hello Everyone. My name is Benjamin. I'm from Nigeria, I teach part time English study at Cumhuriyet Square Antalya with one school there, but still looking for full time teaching job here in Antalya. I live at İşiklar very close to Cender Hotel.
if anyone with useful imformation to help me, please call me on this number ***. Thanks

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Hi, I am a Teacher by profession and had been working as teacher for so long in my country, Philippines. I am an experienced nanny too. Can you help me please with links for agencies who has job offers for an English Speaking Nanny? I will be in Turkey soon.Thanks

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