Residence and Working Permit

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I wanted to find out if I have a Residence in Turkey can I work with this document or do I need a Work Permit? Please can someone explain in brief?



In brief, Residence & Work permit are two separate documents, and you need a Work permit to be able to work.

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Hello dear.
I just like to inform you that you can not work in turkey without work permit visa. Even if you have residence permit visa because residence permit visa and work permit visa totally 2 different document.  But  new turkey law saying that when you buy new house around 1 milyon  $ or invest  some monry for business and keep it all 3 years in turkey after you can get Turkish citizen passport and than you work and live for forever when you get Turkish passport like Europe system.
But if you have just residence permit visa for live and when you find job somewhere in turkey of course that time you must talk with employer about work permit visa and they should get work permit visa and work insurance for you it will be between you and employer. Other wise you will be illegal worker here

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No problem!

You should have atleast 6 months residence permit to be able to apply for a working permit. The working permit will be processed/requested by your company/boss.

What , if you install a business and you're the owner ,  apart of Ikamet ; do you need to have work permit even you' re the boss ?
Please, someone can clarify this ?

Regardless of any position, you will need to obtain a work permit in order to start a business legally.

Work permit in that case is given automatically as will be a registered company ?
Work permit will serve as ikamet, too ?

Nothing is given automatically.  You'll have to apply to the  Ministry of Labor and Social Security. And if they approve, then yes, a Work permit serves as a Residence permit too.

I know that there's a process and an application to do , but more precisely , I wanted to say ; in a case, that someone has the intention to invest in Turkey and has already done the registration of a company ( which an amount of money .. ) ; is there a probability that the application ( all documents are provided) will not be approved?
* There're people opened their business and they applicate only for Ikamet and they said : it depends who you know ?!

Yes, there always is a probability like that.

If you form a company, you need to have stay permit first and then you can form a company. You do not need to obtain work permit once you formed a company.

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