My cost of living in Phnom Penh (for the past 3 months)

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I've been in Cambodia for about 6 months and, as my own travels wind down, I just wanted to share my cost of living in Phnom Penh, since I myself wasn't able to find much data when I was looking a while back.

Just fyi, it is possible to go much lower than me in terms of spending, but I think I was about par (and likely a bit thriftier) in terms of western expat standards.

Housing: $270/month (serviced studio room in apartment with AC)
Utilities: ~$75/month (electricity only with AC on 24/7)
Groceries: ~350/month (shopping at the modern grocery store chains and picking up imported snacks now and then)
Transport: ~$40/month (usually stuck to moto-taxis for about $0.60 to $1.00 per ride)
Dining: ~$30-60/month (this varied a fair bit)
Mobile data: $6/month (for 6GB of data 4G)

I'll post my chart summaries/breakdown below:

Btw forgot to add the category breakdown for those who are interested:

(The app I used:

Thanks for posting! May I ask what neighborhood you are renting in? Cheers

Sure, I'm in the Tumnob Tuek district, which is basically west of BKK3. I'd say rents are comparable to BKK3 but it's a bit harder to find higher quality places since the area is less expat-dense.


How did you find your accommodations?

Thanks for sharing such a valuable information.

I just need to ask if you have and information about the schools fees?

Thanks in advance,

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