Moving to Doha - is it ok with school age children, please help!

My husband may be moving to doha in 6 weeks and he wants me to help make a decision if we go. Can anyone please provide me with an honest review of the International schools? Our children are turning 9 & 10 this year. My concern is our current place we have only been here 7 months then uprooting again. We are in Darwin at the moment in Australia, before that, Malaysia, Texas and remote parts of Australia.

Are the schools ok, is the sporting activities good? Accommodation?
Any advice would be SO appreciated!
Thank you!

that's a general question,
every country has good place, good schools, good sports activities ( specially sports are supported in Qatar, you can join aspire and they will have all activities from swimming, football volleyball basketball aerobics fighting etc,,,)

as for schooling,
you have the English, american and the international baccalaureate  , schools like campus, james, doha college, newton, and even finish school,

for accommodation,
you have nice villas in al waab, (beverly hills community)
or westbay and lagoon, and pearl, and the new comming city lousail..

you can find everything here,
but what is your budget,
can you adapt a new life in arabic country has more than 6 months summer time,

i understand your husband point of view, in qatar he will have a free tax salary and higher than the whole salary in your country..

as you say u moved from many countries,,
the question is can you adapt life here,, and the rest don't worry about it

you need to reserve with the school in advance because of the limited capacity. like for example the indian schools may not accept other nationalities.

it is not easy to search for the right school. only you can decide which school is the best for your kids.

you have to visit and see for yourself.

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