Living in Kobah. Zamil Village

Hi there. I was interested in moving to and living  in the Zamil village .  Prices availibity etc. Has any one in  this forum lived here. Thank you in advance.

You are welcom to Alkhobar, we can serch for you what you request   :cheers:

Thank you. If you have information  on Zamil

We are going to live in Zamil. My husband is already there and feels the compound is well maintained and kept. We arrive on the 28th of he month 
Think their prices are fair too.

I can chick the price for you if is ok. I will be in khobar on 23ed and than i will let you now.

Thank you.  Ask for prices in 2 bedroom  apartment  ground floor.  Add when avail

Thank you. 2 bedroom  apartment.


Moving to Khobar in next few months.
Any update on the current rental for 2 or 3 bedrooms apartment or villa in Zamil Village_?


Any Updates?

Please update me the current rental prices in zamil Village for 2 bedroom apartment. Want to move to KSA next month

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