We have the possibility to move to Shenzhen with our three kids but I have been researching the pollution (air, soil and water) and it seems as though the situation is pretty bad. Research shows that 40 percent of the food is polluted with cadmium and lead..
I was hoping that someone actually living there already could give me some information. I definitely do not want to risk the health of my kid and would appreciate some honest feed back if thats possible.

Suggest you monitor your detailed location here for awhile. This will give you an idea of the are quality (AQI) situation over time. Its the 2.5 micron reading that is most harmful, small enough to enter bloodstream. The website uses a color code ranking to show when potential harm might occur. Inland waters might have some kind of correlation to AQI over the catchment basin of the main rivers of your area?. Water and air go into the growing of local crops.

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