Moving to Santiago...

Hello all!

I am moving to Santiago for about a year, arriving on March 11th 2017.  I don't know anyone there.   I will be teaching english to start.  Then....who knows? 

Would love to meet up with some expats and make some new friends.  I am an American female, 53 years young, from California.  Don't know much spanish, but think I can get by.  Hope to become more fluent once living there for awhile! 

I will be living in the Providencia neighborhood for the first few months at least.   

Hope to hear from some people! 

Thank you!

Hello again Tracy!

I also invite you to have a look at the section Santiago social network where I think you can start making few friends.

Have you already found a teacher position ?

Here are few topics about Learning Spanish that might help you also.

See you  :cheers:

Estelle team

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