Is there any expatriate working at multinational corporation in China

My name is Ivy and i come from hong kong , currently  a final year student studying in the UK  , major in international business and I am currently working on my dissertation which my topic is about the selection and management of expatriate, I need to ask some question to those who are currently working as an expatriate in multinational company that locates in China. Feel free to drop me a message if you are willing to help :)

Hello Ivy,

I don't work directly for mncs in China, rather as an outside consultant.  Would that help?


Hi :P but you are familiar with the expatriate strategies in China? like the challenge , the failure or the obstacles of it , have you ever heard of the term" reverse expatriate"? thanks for helping me :)

Hello Ivy.  Thanks for your reply. 

By reverse expat do you mean the approach that local firms take to rotate local managers and basing them in the emerging markets, weaving them through various functions outside the home market. The experiences and insights that these managers gain from this range of  experiences can then be adapted to the local market upon his or her return.

By the way, I have lived in Asia for 30 years, in Africa for five years and in Europe for 5 years.  Incidentally, I am Canadian.



Hi, Ivy,  part 2.

I have conducted cross cultural training and have dealt with expats relocating in various Asian countries with the relocation highly successful. I have also worked with those who have become disillusioned due to many factors such as loneliness, difficulty working with locals, getting the locals to respect them, not being able to adapt to the local conditions, food and especially communicating with staff, and the difficulty in getting around.

Hope this helps


yes, you have provided a very detailed explanation of reverse expatriate,  for my thesis is to investigate whether expatriate or reverse expatriate is suitable or better for the situation of china, so do you mind if i ask you more about this topic privately? you are very professional !

Hello Ivy, with pleasure.

Do you have a deadline for your research?



oh i have inboxed you , or you prefer to communicate via email :)? haha my deadline is in may :( but i need to start collecting data asap :S

Hi Ivy, by email would be best.


Hello Ivy,

I was just informed I am not permitted to list my email address on any communication.  Are you on LinkedIn?  I am.

If you are, please link with me.

Thanks and regards,


can you receive my msg in your inbox? i have inboxed you !

Ivy,  I replied about 10 minutes ago. Please check and let me know.


okayy, thx :D

hiiii!!! ANYONE is willing to share their experience about being an expat in China ? Look forward to hear from u guys !!! thxxx

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