Standard of living in KL?

Hi all,

  I'm new to this so please bear with me.

  My wife and I have been offered work at a school in KL. They're offering a combined package of 15000myr per month after tax, free schooling for our son (2yrs old), an additional 6000myr towards accommodation per month, flights home each year, medical cover for the family and a pension plan.

  Realistically, we probably won't be buying a car so will rely on public transport/taxis.

  What I'm trying to work out is how much an average family of three might spend in KL each month and whether 15000myr would be enough to live comfortably and perhaps save something?

  I understand that spending is different for everyone but we're not big drinkers or money wasters. Just enjoy the usual home comforts and the occasional meal out. What I don't want to do is get there and find that we're scratching around for mo wh at the end of each month.
  Any advice would be gratefully received.

  Thanks in advance!

Hi dear,

May I please know which school is this?

Can you help me out seeking a job there as well?

Hi jimbo. You will be able to live comfortably on that package. Schooling and accomodation is taken care of. Those are the big two expenses. You can easily manage within 5k from the 15k. And in 6k, u can a spacious condo apartment. Go for it!

you can easily live and approx spending will be MYR 6000-7000 per month depending upon your spending style

Strange, how could a person not be able to buy a car on that much loot? I dont get it.

you can live comfortably with that money. Even if you were to change your mind and buy a car, it wouldn't be a problem

The salary that they offer is more than enough to have decent comfortable Life

Myr15k per month? Honestly this is the kind of pay that even a senior finance manager can’t earn..........Somemore with children education + accommodation provided? You must be kidding! It takes a fool who not accepting this job, you will be living like a local queen with this kind of remuneration package. If you spend it realistically.

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Lonelyguy :

The salary that they offer is more than enough to have decent comfortable Life

I know a few people for which this salary would NOT be enough, I could live on about 25% of it and still save. But I hate questions like this - "Can I live on RMXXXX in KL?", the answer is always 'maybe, depends on how you live' (unless the amount is less than RM5K, which would be tough - but again I know quite a few families that make it work).

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