Looking for like minded people and new friends...

Hello people and hi to all my soon-to-be-my-friends here in Phnom Penh. Nice meeting you all in advance, hehe. Feel free to drop me a line, come on;)

Thank you, cheers;)

Hey I'm always up for coffee in the morning , I'm usually at glory jean by riverside or I jog to aeon Starbucks , have a good time here hit me up I'm leaving this week , but will be back in a few months ,

hello there, twinsguy20!

Lovely hearing from you. I also jog around the riverside/park especially weekends. And love walking around there sometime after office hours. Maybe we can catch up for some coffee or dinner before you leave Phnom Penh. It's always nice to meet new friends, share some stories and experiences while travelling.

Have a great day and take care.


Hey I'm retired 60 in pretty good shape I'm pretty free single have friend I see a few times a week other than hat I'm free

Good luck on your travels

Well, it's time for you to enjoy the fruit of your labor. You deserve a relaxing holiday.

I just landed a job here a month ago and I still have to spend years working before I'll retire, ahahaha! Such is life! Yeah, hope to catch up with you one of this days. I normally finish working around 5:30pm and have Saturdays and Sundays as my day off. Keep in touch. Good evening.

I'm not being pushy but I find it easier to communicate outside this site. So, here's my number if you don't Kindly drop me a line when ever you feel like to. Thanks.

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how's your weekend, man? have a great day!

you may pls contact me on
skype dikkyinternational
WhatsApp xxx

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Cool got it, thanks.

What's up man. I just moved to cambodia not too long ago for work, trying to reach out for friends and good times. Let me know if you still use this forum.

Hi everyone
I got here in PP some time ago yet haven't found any helpful information.
talk to you more often.

Hi Soben
Welcome back home.


Did you like being in the middleeast?
for ten

What's sup kitty,
I was hectic about the heat at first, compared to montreal the city of snow storm its a big change  :/ but over all very good experience so far :) how about you, what do you do here in pnomh penh?

dunno...haven't found out what i really wanna do.
:( so clueless, right? what languages can you speak? you working here?

Yes ! Hehe was luckt enough to end up with a business here in pnomh penh! I can speak fluently French English and vietnamese, currently learning khmer and abit of japanesse :). Read your pms !

Hello! I'm moving to Cambodia for three months starting June 29th. I'm interested in teaching English, learning Khmer, and making new friends.

I am nervous but excited about the move. It will be the first time I've left home for more than two weeks. Please feel free to say hi. :)

Hello miss Lailoken,
I asume it will be your first time in Cambodia. A lot to learn ! heheh, if you ever need help on scoring a job, feel free to contact me, i am somewhat of a recruiter, for multiple school around my vicinity. You can ask around a little bit, ive  helped alot of expats settle down with teaching jobs and such ^^ if you need some info for visas extension cost of life, food etc here or settling down, feel free to message me ! Becareful, on you way here. From your post, its your first time traveling so far, please be warry, SEA is a beautiful place with beautiful people but some locals are very poor, hence , sometime will go to the extreme to make ends meet, especially with unexperienced travelers. Take extremely care of your belonging and important paperworks, luggage etc. In most case, nothing happens  but however if you do give them the chance, they might just take it. Anyhow, miss laioken, hope we can maybe meet one day in the kingdom of wonder !

Take care,

Thank you, I might be looking for a job after my three month long gig is up, or something part time before then. I have visited Cambodia before, but only for a few days. So I am pretty new to everything. I've been reading online about visas, and I am a little confused.  Could I get a three month long or more visa when I arrive at the airport? Or do I have to get a one month, and then find a place to renew it for a longer period of time? Thanks for messaging me, and hope to see you around Phnom Penh!

For the visa wise, do not get a tourist visa on arrival get the business visa ( 30 days ) then from there you can extend it for 6 month or a year. Yealy price is 290$ half of that for 6 months. From what i hear, if you get the tourist one you can only extend it for 30days, then you will have to leave the border and come back, becomes a hasle. Good luck miss Laioken, If you we're planning to stay miss laoken, getting a job now would be the best time. Its still high season for teacher hiring, until end of august becomes quite slower afterwards. Hence after you 3 months, it would be alot harder, the schedule gives you weekends off mostly or atleast Sunday. You get all westernized and khmer holidays paid. I would reccomend you to look for a job right now, if you were planning to live here and not just visit for 3 months. If you do need help finding a teaching job, more info on your visa, or settling down, feel free to message me. Take care and be extremely warrant and safe on your trip here.


I happen to notice Michael's post from [b]Soben Sensok Guest House. I was l recently lucky enough stay at this awesome luxury hotel so felt the need to say something.(But for some reason they call it a guest house)
I would like to start by saying I NEVER write reviews or post about anything but my experience here was definitely worth taking the time so some other fortunate travelers or people looking for yearly housing might stumble upon this little hidden jewel!
I was desperate to find affordable housing While looking for a teaching job. I signed up for and he reached out to me within 10 min! I wondered if it was for real because it sounded to good but turns out he's a typically kind and helpful Canadian:) (of Cambodian decent) He runs the place with his father (also Cambodian and very informed on local knowledge) and a wonderfully polite trust worthy staff and security.
Michael took it upon himself to drive me around on his motor bike my first day and show me all the things I needed from clothing to ATM's and grocery stores. I happened to mention I was here looking for a teaching job and he took a half of day of of his time when I was ready, to drive me around to all the schools in the area. (Actually 4 because I was hired on the spot at 4th location!) But he was prepared to spend a couple days helping me! I was looking to start a new life here in Cambodia and I did! I could not have done it with out the the full support of Michael and his father.
I would like to end by saying that, I wasn't anyone special. In my time here I have seen them dedicate the exact same amount of help and hospitality to every single guest here. There is truly a sense of community and safety here. The neighborhood itself is safe as well.
I have traveled around the world several times with many camp sight, hostel, hotel, dorm and guest house experiences and this is by far the best experience and extremely affordable by the way!!! I give Soben Sensok Guest House 5 out of 5 stars without hesitation! Thanks Soben Sensok!!!! Couldn't have done it with out you guys, love my new life and job here in Cambodia!

Wow, thank you so much for your reply.  I have accommodations booked from June 29 to July 15, but after that I don't know where I'll be staying. I was considering either an apartment or guesthouse. Thank you for telling me what you know about Mr. Michael, and I definitely would appreciate  having such help when I came into the country. Aside from visas, I am also looking for a place to stay after July 15, and for a good deal on a used Moto to buy after July 29 th.

Thank you for the warm reply mr Kealli, i am happy we found you a job and that you are happy with our services here ! Was always a pleasure to help you out and from the heart. Looking forward to our onwarding friendship ^^

If you need help looking for a teaching job miss Laioken, i highly reccomend you to try before july ends, feel free to swing by our place and i will make time to show you to hiring schools around the vicinity, it currently is still high season so you might still be quite lucky and get something off the bat !

Motors abit tricky, have you ever drove in cambodia before ? I reccomend you tuk-tuking or using 711ugotaxi app to get around for a while and get used to cambodias traffic/ way they drive before you buy a motor ( its for your safety ) couple extra dollars in the end for moving around but trust me, worth the learn, visualize how they drive and pay attention, best way to adapt to this chaotic driving city. Once you get the hang of it, its fairly easy although traffic is a pain. 😱

nice to read you comments about so Ben sol.mi am booked to stay there in April for few nights..I had previously heard about this look forward to visiting..we could meet when I am in phnom penh  and have a coffee or beer.
my name is ian. (catchy )

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