Can prescription meds be shipped from USA to Guate?

My father in law is now a US citizen, but is from Guate. He us interested in moving there part time. Would he be able to have his prescription medication shipped from USA to Guate?
Thank you

No!!!.  Customs wants to charge the going rate to import most medications even if they are part of your retirement protocol.  We tried going through Canis and talking to each level of management into Guatemala City with no success.  They wanted $5000 for drugs we didn't even pay for up front.  In the meantime the prescriptions sat in non-temperature controlled areas and were probably ruined anyway.

I order all medications online from a pharmacy that is not a US pharmacy. Will I be able to have them shipped to me in Guatemala or will I have a problem with customs? What if they are discreetly packaged (as in they are not labeled as medications, just a personal package)

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