Iqama expired 3 months ago, want to go final exit

Dear advisors,
Greetings of peace...

I came to Saudi Arabia on 23rd August 2015 to a company name Mosassa Arwa fakra lal muqawalat from Karnataka, India. My iqama expired on 8th November 2016. Before expiry I requested my sponsor to process final exit, but he didn't. Currently my health issue is very bad since two months I am not going for work, again I requested my sponsor to process final exit by paying him 8k sar unfortunately he has not renewed my iqama and not processing my final exit. I am feeling helpless I approached Indian embassy too they are also not helping me in this matter.
One more thing I wanted to bring in your knowledge that internally he has transferred me to some other company, as I said earlier I am not interested to transfer myself to another company because already I have paid my current sponsor 8k and I am in need of final exit not transfer.

I am in need of your help, please help me by providing useful and fast processing method by that I can reach my native safely.

Thanks and regards

Tweet to Sushma Swaraj MEA, if you don't see any other means to get out of the situation. There are some emergency helpline MES twitter accounts too, tweet on them. Good luck.

But I have tweated to sushma swaraj ji also, but there is no response.

Go to the Labor's office. They are very serious regarding these matters. They will block all processes for him until he finalizes your situation. Legal channels are the best choice around here.

Dear all,
Thanks for your precious advice,
Today 14/02/2017 I have registered my complaint in Labour office, Riyadh. I reached Labour office located in quraish at 10.30AM with forms filled with data in Arabic and attached my passport copy and Iqama.
I got my turn Around 12.45P.M. after duhar salah, I handed over the documents to Labour officer. In couple of minutes he accepted my complaint and given two printouts and suggested me to post one copy to my sponsor and one copy for my reference (this copy is equivalent to residential proof till case is under Labour office).
My first hearing will be held on 08/07/1438 that is on 5th April 2017. I request all wellwisher to pray for me. InshaAllah I will keep on updating in this post all steps I followed and will be in seek of your help whenever I need.
Thank you

Dear experts,
I have one small doubt,
Can I drive car by considering  Labour office paper as my residential proof?
Note: I have valid Saudi Arabia driving licence.

All the best for your hearing.  Do not pay anything to your sponsor.  Labour department usually given verdict in the favour of expat.  i know one guy who was promised job a 5 start hotel but his sponsor put him in a restaurant as a waiter.  he filled the complaint in labour department and the labour department gave verdict his his favour.  he got his passport back from sponsor incluing all dues and he went  on Exit.

Yes, you can use the Labor document to prove that you have issues with your Iqama, and you must know that you should attend on time for your case, if you missed it , it will be canceled.

I think in your case it is very easy, because as the labor low they must have your signature that you accept the transfer, tell them that you dont know and you dont give any acceptance.

Do you have any prove that you request for final exit ? you must show them that you request it by email or paper or wetness?

Did they pay you any salary from that day you resigned? if not, then you can also ask for salary during this period.

Even if you signed any clearance document , you can say they forced you to sing it to give you final exit, they will take your word for it.

I have not signed any documents, except thumb impression on some papers which my sponsor has taken to process my final exit.
Yes I have proof in whatsapp conversation requesting for final exit, and he was also agreeing that he will process my final exit.

Dear all,
As I promised I am updating my forum,
My first hearing was scheduled today As I mentioned in previous post that my case was scheduled on 5/4/2017 @ 8.30AM, unfortunately my sponsor failed to appear so the officer has again scheduled my case on 15/4/2017.
I am worried if again my sponsor doesn't come.
My question is to all experts here as you know my wish is to go on final exit, however we all aware that there is an excuse allotted by the KSA government for the illegal expatriates, can I chose this excuse option as an opportunity instead of Labour court?.

Please reply as soon as possible, I am eagerly waiting for your reply, because I am not getting proper instructions from Labour court and embassy.

Dear syed ashfaq I saw your previous post,very bad on sponser part...May Allah help you dear .
What I feel u can't avail this oppurtunity coz your case in Labour court..
U need to resolve your matter before leaving on exit...
Still if your sponser wil not come on 15th April try to talk to the Labour official,May be they can suggest about this opportunity which is valid for 3 months...
Good luck
Allah wil help you in shaa Allah

Dear Mr.Rayyan,
Regarding above matter I discussed to Labour office customer care on toll free number 19911 they said that if my case is concerned for final exit then there will be no problem I can utilise this opportunity rather than continuing in Labour office.
Remaining Allah knows better.

Then it's good oppurtunity for you
Utilise this option
Allah wil make things easy for you in shaa Allah..

my iqama 3 months expire kafeel not renewd untle now 2 years and 3months all ready i have go to final exit   he will payd 2500 rs  maktab amal and insurence renewd but jawazat still not paid so he canot made me anything  i want go final exit so what will do now pls replay. i have passport and iqama if i go jawazat can get my final exit  or what i can do now pls replay

My son is under my sponsorhip. He found a job as technician but we agreed to them even on Labor iqama as long as to process and transfer him in new company and to work. May I know how long does it take to processs his iqama and transfer to his new employer ? Thanks

Assalam o alaikum friends,
My iqama has expired since December 2018 I looked for a job since October 2016 but couldn’t find any till now. I have family back home and now I’m worried about them and I want to go back home don’t have a valid iqama. Can anyone help or give any suggestions about how can I go back without iqama renewal. Let me mention again that since I got here didn’t earned a penny and can’t pay for the renewal so is there any solution to leave the kingdom without renewal..? Please reply if anyone knows about this matter. Thanks

I have the same problem, I tweeted lot of times but no responses , Dnt knw wht to do. Here in our company almost workers Iqama Expired and Company not giving salary from five months.

Bro you go Indian ambassy ok.speak with them.u r issue .ok .. ambassy have full powered.


Since your Igama is already expired, you can transfer to another sponsor without the permission of the current sponsor, then you can ask your new Kafeel to final exit you, this the best way, it will cost you some money for transfer but this the best way out of this mess.

Good Luck.

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