Health Care workers deprived of food.

I speak with a girl working in Israel as a health care worker, she is treated very well by her employer, but as we talk, she tells me of friends of hers that are working for people that do not treat them as well as my friend is treated. She tells me that there agencies hold out 25% of there salary for food, but that the friends of hers are barely getting fed, no food in the refrigerator or pantry. there employers are Alzheimer's patients or somehow is not able to communicate to handle there affairs so someone else is taking care of there affairs. apparently they don`t care enough to see that there loved one and there caregiver is feed properly, and these girls just deal with it trying not to start trouble or stir the pot, so to speak, I guess there scared of loosing there job, meanwhile they are almost starving. this is so heart  breaking to hear, but they need there job to support there families. as an American, and never having to deal with such a situation as this in my life, it`s very tough to listen too. I am trying to learn, Is this a common thing in the Filipino community of health care workers? I really hope they speak up to there social worker that checks up on there conditions. God bless them

Terrible situation.

So my suggestion is that you ask around about the law. I am pretty sure the lawyers are going to ask what the contract says & if it's in Hebrew, how do they even know what they signed?

The first FB group is for Filipinos, but asking them may not get you an answer as they are just other caregivers.

The last 2 are legal groups.

I hope this helps & let me know what happens in the end.

Thank you, I will check out the facebook site. I really doubt there is anything i could do, other than shine a light on probably only one problem these people endure. Thanks again

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