Dutch willing to work and live in Mauritius?

Hi Folks  :)

I am working for a reputable company in Mauritius and they are looking for Dutch speaking candidates locally and also from Netherlands.
Thought I let you guys know in case anyone was planning to live in Mauritius..
I can give you more details if you interested you can send me private message.

Hi John, welcome to the Forum.

Try putting this in the "Jobs" section at the top of the page; also on our Mauritius page, this link will take you to it.


I know this post is quite old but I was wondering if there's still an opening for a Dutch speaking at your company.

My husband is currently finishing his study in international business and he looking for an internship which could potentially turn into a job in Mauritius. We are moving back next summer.

Thank you for getting back to me.

Much appreciated,

Melissa Buikema

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