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Is there anyone in this forum who are applying or in-process for Australian immigration? Or anybody who has done the CDR report for australia

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Yes,its not difficult if you follow the MSA guide .I can share samples with you

Appreciated sir.
It would be really helpful for me if you can share the details.
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Have you seen they reply i sent you earlier?.Let me know if everything is clear

hi any one have experiences in 457 application please? I've been working for an Australian company for 3 years so far and would like to move and live in Australia if possible . your help is appreciated !

Yesterday the Australian PM stated that they would be getting rid of the 457 visa and taking over 200 categories off the skills list.

Hi ,  everything is possible in this life but some how be prepared:

For a job:

- any office or recruiting company will verify evry single word you indicate in your resume (too many people lying on resumes ) if not possible to verify they simply consider it is false;

- you will need several OZ referees that will be contacted about your skills, experiences, work attitude (too many crazy people looking for just for rights) even for the smallest position!

- you better be very easy going and ready to support discrimination, hard work load and bad working hours;

In Oz :

- nobody will trust you,

- it is THE CERTIFICATE country, you need an Oz certificate for anything you intend to do (coffee, waiter, dog walk....) for a qualified job or to set up a company (construction for example) that might require 4 years of study or more with a lot of exams;

Probably the same in any country for Migrants but in Oz like any other place the country  accept migrants after all the VISA business process and the money spent with no guarantee to get a living or non discrimination treatment.

You will need to have huge savings to live without the guarantee to get any income at the end!

Many migrants go back home not only because of that but also coz it is a very hard place to adapt... without family or friends you can feel quite lonely and homesick.

All the best in you project, keep the faith.

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